Ship-of-the-Line Challange
I read a lot of FanFiction and as a means of promoting more stories, people post various challenges, such as the Ship-of-the-Line Challenge. The challenge calls for a character in one fiction setting to become the captain of a ship of the line from a separate sci-fi setting. I want to use Star Trek of course so my question to you is, in your opinion, which ship(s) in STO would be a Ship-of-the-Line? A Ship-of-the-Line is the most powerful and advanced ship in a given navy, so in my mind that would be one of the new 31st century ships. But maybe you have a different idea?
While any of the T6 ships could be considered "Ship-of-the-Line", I would stick with the faction specific and century specific ones. i.e Odyssey, Pathfinder, etc.

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The T6 Odyssey class is considered a flagship for the Federation so that class would likely best fit your needs.
I was also thinking about the veteran reward ships, as they are 'unique' (to veterans at least) and I really like the designs.
A ship of the line wasn't necessarily the most advanced or newest class of ships. It referred to a ship tough enough to stand in the line of battle and trade broadsides with enemy ships, so they are typically heavy ships with powerful guns.

I think there's a legitimate case for expanding the definition regarding STO vessels to include any T5u and up ship, especially the cruisers and heavy destroyers (veteran ships). So an Odyssey being as big and powerful as it is, as well as being the flagship class for Starfleet is an obvious choice. Though any dreadnaught, command cruiser, battlecruiser, or star cruiser would be equally appropriate in my opinion.
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You make good points Wink
I wanted to use an engineering based ship as part of the setup and all those suggestions would fit well I think. I am also thinking about going KDF instead of Fed. The Fed would be more 'iconic' I think but that isn't really needed. 

Part of the decision is future crew, as in the story the ship will appear fully stocked but no crew. My first thought was a full holo-crew, or if I went with a Dominion ship then Jem'hadar clones. Neither choice is without issues but the holo-crew seems to be the better option.
It'll be interesting to see what you come up with.
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Well, if you want to be technical, the lockbox ships are probably the best in the game.  They're even ultra rare on the Admiralty system.

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