T6 Nagus Marauder Giveaway
Well, I am also LTS and have spent about that much too. From reading r/sto there is a significant amount of randomness and the giveaway may not be over, so I'd keep checking.

Well, grats to all who get it! They should just come out and say there was no rhyme or reason, just a RNG-type giveaway and suck it up buttercup if you didn't get one.
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They discussed this in the latest episode of Priority One Podcast.  The hosts discussed the matter early-on in the episode as well as interviewed STO Executive Producer Stephen "Salami Inferno" Ricossa on the subject.  This exchange (discussing the Nagus) starts around at around 24:00.  As expected, he didn't elaborate on the criteria, but confirmed if you did not receive an email it would be pushed to you in-game.  His language did sound finite, so it's possible everyone who qualified for the Nagus has already received one as of yesterday.
Nyx, Nix, let's go do some PVE stuff next time we're on, I want to see this thing in action lol

Is it just a reskinned marauder, or does it have epic stats compared to the standard issue?

And that Cooperative ship... lol I've been hearing wants of having a real ship like that the entire time i've been with the game (since December '15) think that was from around the last super special ship giveaway...

I have no doubt i never even came close to qualifying, after the crap i went through recovering my account from my previous provider (Thanks a whole lot Steam- <bleeeeeep>!)
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(07-26-2016, 07:36 PM)Akimalyn2380 Wrote: Is it just a reskinned marauder, or does it have epic stats compared to the standard issue?

No, it's a T6 ship with a new console and higher stats.  I do not have one and The Wiki page does not currently list hull stats and the shield modifier, but this video details a 142K build and shows off the stats toward the end.  The boff layout is slightly different too, with the Nagus having a Lt.Cdr Tactical/Intelligence seat.  Also the Nagus, being a T6 ship, comes with a Starship trait, whereas the D'Kora, being a T5 ship, does not.
I received one of these as well.  It's a nice ship, but It doesn't hold up to my T6 Oddy.  I went ahead and activated it on my Orion and Romulan captains though as it was better than the ships they were flying.  

As for sorting out how they picked people...I doubt I've spent more than $200 in the entire time I've had the game.  I don't blog.  I don't have a Life Time Account.  I have been around off and on for many years though.

I do recall seeing a notification or email (couldn't find any records of it anywhere) where it was recommended that I update my mailing address in ARC about 4 or 5 months ago.  Had I not done that, they would not have known where to ship the box with all the goodies in it.  I am certain it played a factor in all of this.  

Ohh and yeah, it has a Dabo table in the ship, but seriously...the entire ship is two small rooms with a few BOFF chairs and the Dabo table.  For all the bling on the outside, I really expected a better interior.
yea Nyx, that's what i meant (us versus the NPC's). As I'm quite ill equipped for even thinking of doing PvP until I figure out what i'm doing wrong in this DPS madness... (will start new thread for that)

If the probabilities on getting these ships randomly are like my lack of success with lockboxes, i predict a higher chance of the game ending than winning a super special ship, even though I did spend almost $200 as well. Perhaps its a proportional system.. ie 60% go to big spenders, then 25% to lifers, then the remaining 15% to anyone over 2000 hours playtime, including big spenders and lifers...
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So I did some more digging around and found the email I mentioned that said to update my mailing address as they "would like to send you a special package".  

They had been planning this giveaway since February and asked for addresses to be updated by late March.  I'm assuming some players missed this and thus didn't get the package of gear....

It's not tied to time played in the Arc client either.  Mine shows just 16 days (and that is across 7 games in Arc), yet I received the package.

I don't think it was anything specific to Arc, which is just a game portal that Cryptic uses along with other developers.  They used it to get mailing addresses, but I seriously doubt it was a factor in the actual drawing, which was far more likely just completely random.
(08-02-2016, 06:41 PM)Chris Wrote: Do you mean the ship package, or you received the physical glasses, hats, etc....


I received the entire package.  Been wearing the hat and added the glasses to my Star Wars glasses collection.  Not much to do with the autographed game box...kids asked to "play it", told them that's not how it works.  Wink 

Of note, the code on my Nagus card in the box was not valid.  That same night, I received an email that had a valid code for the ship that others mention getting as well.  

There was no letter or explanation in the box, just the gear.

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