T6 Nagus Marauder Giveaway
Has anyone received one?

If so, was there any explanation as to why?

Check your emails as it looks like that's how they're received!


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Controversy has arisen after some Star Trek Online players have reported receiving a free gold-plated tier 6 Ferengi ship from Cryptic in emails as a sign of “outstanding support” for the game. The problem is, nobody seems to know what players needed to do to qualify for the ship, although the popular theories are that it’s being sent out to lifetime subscribers or to those who have spent a large amount of money (over $1,000) in the past year.

The description of the ship hints at this ship being a special nod to particular customers: “As a token of our appreciation for your unwavering support of Star Trek Online, we have included an incredibly limited, account-bound code for a Tier 6 Ferengi Nagus Marauder ship. This ship is plated in a dazzling gold color, and is sure to stand out on your missions throughout the final frontier.”


Guess I won't be getting one, then.
(07-20-2016, 08:26 PM)Chris Wrote: Well, as a LTS, this is the first I have heard of it.   No email here (yet?)

Same here and beside that, I sadly even qualify for the 1,000+ USD option. Still, no email here.
I have bought a couple mega-bundles in the past, but I also do not qualify for it.  I can understand the controversy, though.  Of course, I understanding wanting to reward players who give large amounts of time/money to the game, but this just seems a bit...odd.
I'll see your Nagus and raise you...

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Hmm I wonder if contributing through the armada counts and how much do you need to contribute?

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Don't worry - the Borg ship isn't real Smile

I suspect it was 'shopped especially to wind up people who got so excited/frustrated/upset about the Ferengi ship (and there's a lot of upset people on Reddit, it seems)
LTS apparently wasn't a factor sadly. We're still trying to work it out using the info from receivers, but appears it was for people who spent $X amount (certainly over $1000, possible over a time frame of the last year).
(07-21-2016, 02:43 PM)Nyxadrill1962 Wrote: Damn, and there I was ... all ready to go all "cooperative" Big Grin

I was expecting a lot of cubist jokes too!  Tongue

Don't worry, the Borg ship post was satire.  Tongue   Still, it does make me wonder what one would look like if the player hit "Rock & Roll"...

Also, according to Reddit, there are several people who claimed to have a LTS and have spent $1,000+ this year alone, thousands more in past years, and still did not receive a Nagus ship.  This thread on Reddit is attempting to crowdsource the requirements to obtaining one. Among the theories suggested are that the reward was geared toward people Cryptic/PWE felt were in danger of leaving the game, but I'm not sure this was the case.  Another theory is that there were more "qualified" applicants than ships available, which left many LTS' who spent thousands of USD on the game with bad tastes in their mouths for not receiving one.

I have a feeling that if someone flies the Nagus they'll be bombarded with /tells asking what they did to qualify or instead harassing them for being "losers" who spend a lot of time/money on STO.  I really hope this does not happen, but I have a feeling it will.  Confused
I read something this morning that suggested you may not have received the reward (even if you DID qualify using whatever method they used) because you have un-subscribed from receiving emails/promotions from Arc. It suggested checking whether you are enrolled....

Checking this box now won't change whether you receive this giveaway or not, but it might allow you to receive the next one.

Here's hoping!


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