Scheduling events in-game can be quite fiddly, and posting topics on the forums is good for people to sign up on, but not the best for visibility. Would it be possible to put a 'calender' page on the main site with an actual visual calender, which admins can slot events into days/times and people can then click into to add their name to the signup list? You could make it fleet access only to prevent spamming, and it would be possible to include a time difference calculator which shows the event in your local time to prevent time-zone weirdness.

I think it could be very handy!

You mean this? <!-- m -Arrow<a class="postlink" href=""></a><!-- m -Arrow

I always tell people to visit the fleet site, we have everything we need on their for the fleet Wink

I do mean that! Hand on heart I had no idea that existed.


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