Tracking Captains
Is there anyone proficient with Microsoft Access? I am currently tracking all my captains (20+ characters across two accounts) with Excel but it is a bit clunky with everything I'm tracking. I am trying to learn Access but it looks like what I want to do is far more advanced than my current knowledge.

What are you trying to do? I'm not sure what you mean by tracking.

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My spreadsheet is tracking almost everything: level, crafting level, can they craft the top item, reputation level, equipment, summer/winter event stuff, etc.

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Oh wow, I don't have much experience with Access. Google sheets is very powerful, I use that for everything and prefer it over Excel. Since Excel/Access pretty much the same (minus the form) you might be able to accomplish what you want with Google.

I've done work with Access and support Access Databases as well as SQL environments and what you are describing sounds like it would work in a spreadsheet in Excel or Google Sheets just fine.  Access would be overkill and take more time to create and configure than you would spend using it.  

just create a spreadsheet and follow something like this:
                   Name       Rank      Faction     etc     etc
Captain 1
Captain 2
Captain 3

Use different worksheets for the ships and you can link those into the above to access with links within the cells.  You could even use this to create fancy reports, charts, etc. as you needed.
I'm currently using a spreadsheet but it seems a little large as I have multiple tabs for different categories. I dislike having to rearrange everything when I delete a captain or add a new one.

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