Starbase Special Projects
Hi! I don't usually post here but was directed to give a simple suggestion.

Basically, with the influx of AoY toons, many of them need FCs to purchase stuff, and have a large surplus of marks thanks to the rewards from AOY.

Would like to see the 30min slotted projects (e.g Host Cultural Symposium for Feds) to return for all STOA Fleets (main/militia/omega/infinity/legion/brotherhood etc). Would be a great way for many of us to get our surplus marks without losing out (compared to running the 50% loss marks-alone projects) and if wanted, can get more FCs via the other commodities or doffs.

Also, since it's on a 30min cycle, it could be slotted multiple times whenever an Admiral of the fleet is around.

Just my two cents, thanks!

Thanks, that won't be a problem, but don't expect the project to be constantly queued for two reasons.

1) We Admirals need to enjoy the game too lol if we're constantly flipping between each fleet to queue it we'll never get to play.

2) It's also dependent on whether or not fleet members fill the remaining requirements for that project. If the other projects are any indication, it takes a long time to fill because people just don't want to give up or go purchase the resources.

So as long as you keep that in mind I have no problem queuing the special project. As a matter of fact, it should be queued anyway.


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