Poll: What is the best EV Suit, if you disregard any set bonus?
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Combat Environmental Suit
3 13.04%
Solanae Paladin / Sentinel Environmental Suit
14 60.87%
Crystal Nanofiber Environmental Suit
0 0%
Nukara Strikeforce Elite Environmental Suit
2 8.70%
Shattering Harmonics Environmental Suit
4 17.39%
Total 23 vote(s) 100%
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The "best" Environmental Suit
Hi everyone,

now that Agents of Yesterday has been released, I really have fun playing a Fed again as my main Toon is a die hard KDF-RRF Engineer.

Here's the thing. I wonder what EV Suit I should pick for my Temporal Agent in the long run.
So, in complete disregard of any set bonus here are the choices:
[Image: EV_Suits.jpg]
Please mind, that the Lobi EV Suits "Solanae Sentinel" and "Solanae Paladin" share the same stats but have different colors.

Let's hear your opinions.

Live Long and Prosper
I get better DPS using the Sentinel EV suit, so based on my experience I would have to say the Paladin/Sentinel suits are best as far as DPS is concerned.  As a Tac who runs high CritD, I find the 5% boost to All energy damage to be the most beneficial mod of any of the EV suits. The Shattering Harmonics EV suit runs a close second for me. 
Depending on what class your 23rd Century Fed toon is, you may find the Shattering Harmonics suit to be superior.  If you're playing an Engineer or Science character, you may find the +40% Critical Severity to be superior to the stats of the Paladin/Sentinel (5% all Energy Damage, 2.5% Critical Chance, 20% Critical Severity).  Personally, I have not tested both these suits on a non-Tac Captain, so I can't say for sure.  I can say that for Tac I get slightly higher DPS when I run the Paladin/Sentinel.  If you have the Lobi, I would get both suits and run some benchmarks on NTTE to test. Big Grin
Hi TP, hi people.

Unfortunately not any of the suits you put is good. The best suit that you can find in the game can be obtained trough the Nukara reputation using the hourly project.
Getting a suit is hard, you get space tetryon weapons and sonic weapons sometime.
Getting the RIGHT suit with the RIGHT mods is very very difficult.
The suit that all dream has the following characteristics:

The paladin suit that you put is also a viable solution.
Another solution may be the shattered harmonics, that EV give [crtd], it gives also [ene] if you bring it to epic.

I'm not a native English speaker. I make mistakes when I write in this language.
My main is a Rom-KDF Eng, and I always go for the Shattering Harmonics - purely because of the 40% Crit Sev. Does anyone bother with a suit for Bug Hunt? I never have - just use Ico or Rom Imperial Navy set... just curious if anyone finds an Environmental suit useful for that run specifically?

Are the other Solanae suits worth the Lobi?

Either the paladin or shattering harmonics, as has been said, mainly due to the crit sev and being a dps tac toon

the one thing that makes me favor the solanae line over other suits is the stats i want, plus it is much more stylish and not clunky in comparison to the other suits. Sure, leveling up to "A Step Between Stars" could take some time depending on how one plays, but I sure was happy to get rid of the default AOY "teletubie" EV suit (doubly so on my Tellarite engineer Skravin lol).

So since the debate is pretty much Solanae vs Shattering Harmonics here's another table showing the data side by side, using the stats from the gamepedia (without the extra boosts from skills tree choices) I've color coded each winner to make it easier for people like me to quickly see the differences: 

------------------------------suit stats:_____Solanae_____Harmonics
 -----------------------Physical Damage_____+10%_____+20%
 ------------------------Energy Damage_____+5%_____N/A
 -------------------------Critical Chance_____+2.5%____N/A
 ------------------------Critical Severity_____+20%_____+40%
 --Physical Damage Resistance Rating_____34.9______34.9
 --Physical Damage Resistance Rating_____N/A______17.4
 ----Kinetic Damage Resistance Rating_____34.9______34.9
 ----Kinetic Damage Resistance Rating_____N/A______17.4
 All Energy Damage Resistance Rating_____34.9_____5.8
 -Radiation Damage Resistance Rating_____69.8_____34.9
 -------Fire Damage Resistance Rating_____69.8_____34.9
 -----------------Root Resistance Rating_____43.6_____29.1
 -----------------Stun Resistance Rating_____43.6_____N/A
 ----------Knockback Resistance Rating_____43.6_____29.1
 Antiproton Damage Resistance Rating_____8.7______N/A
 ----Proton Damage Resistance Rating_____8.7______N/A
 ------Physical Damage (Melee Only)______+10%____+10%
 ------Physical Damage (Melee Only)______N/A______+10%
 ----Toxic Damage Resistance Rating______N/A______34.9
 ---------------Cold Resistance Rating______N/A______34.9

Interesting to see that while the Solanae appears to win out in overall stats, the Harmonics is uncontested in a few key stats- Cold and Toxic Damage Resistance Ratings. It also gives a double dose of  Physical/Kinetic Damage Resistance Ratings and Melee Damage.  That makes it all come down to where the suit is intended to be used- Space or Demon planet battlefields. The Solanae is the better choice for day to day use in place of standard armor (unless of course you are fighting the Breen or are in hand to hand combat, but I've done that before), while the Harmonics is the better choice being specialized specifically for demon environments like Nukara.

I'd personally like to see them come out with a [Kal Dano's Space Helmet] device that would allow any armor set to be used much like the [Rebreather] but also fill in those toxic/cold/rad/fire stats that are not normally found in armor. That would be Epic lol
[Image: akimalyn2380_13732.jpg?d=1486457680]
(07-27-2016, 05:59 PM)Mikegolfecho Wrote: My main is a Rom-KDF Eng, and I always go for the Shattering Harmonics - purely because of the 40% Crit Sev. Does anyone bother with a suit for Bug Hunt? I never have - just use Ico or Rom Imperial Navy set... just curious if anyone finds an Environmental suit useful for that run specifically?

Are the other Solanae suits worth the Lobi?

Oh I've made the mistake of running Bug Hunt before using the Solanae line lol didn't know why I kept dying till I looked during my regeneration lol DOH. Harmonics would have a clear advantage given the conditions of the mission involving Toxic, physical, and melee damage. The Solanae would be better for something like a replay of "Boldly They Rode." It was also good for ambushing runners with icicle bolts during the Winter Event lol
[Image: akimalyn2380_13732.jpg?d=1486457680]
You really do not need an EV suit for Bug Hunt.  I always use an Advanced Fleet armor in non-NTTE ground queues and never have a problem with it in BHE in that regard.  The only times I use an EV suit are for NTTE or any Foundry/Storyline mission that require one.  

On a side note, I've been constantly running the hourly Nukara missions to *attempt* to get a suit with [CrtD] [CrtH] [Ene].  Have not had any luck as of yet... Sad
I'd have to go Solanae has better energy resistance than the Nukara ones and though not as good as the combat in this regard it has an awesome crit severity bonus and minor crit chance bonus.

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