Vanity, thy name is me
Did I just blow 750 marks and all the other materials to make a Delta reputation shield for my Vengeance, for nothing more than cosmetic purposes because I didn't like the way my Dyson shield looked on it?

I have to agree, that looks great. Better than the default skin I think.
Aesthetics are always worth it ^^
I'm assuming you kept the dyson shields on but put the delta shields on the visual right?
Looks worth it to me as well, after all what else you going to spend them on Smile

I'm with you on this. I started getting other Rep stuff that I wasn't necessarily interested in because, well... it was there. But when I saw the different 'looks' it could give my ships I went all out in an effort to get them all!

I still love the look of the Reman shield on my Scorpion Fighter Tongue  with a full Borg set. I think it looks kinda cool/ridiculous and I love it!

Delta on my Scimitar doesn't look as good as on your Vengeance though imo.

I agree, the full Borg set on a Fed Dreadnaught is probably the best use of the borg set I've seen...aside from being on small craft where it is pretty funny to see....and completely ridiculous on my Ferengi Na'Far shuttle.

I think I spend as much time change the looks of my ships as I do flying them!
I just recently  became a STOA member - 14 days ago, to be exact (waving towards Attilio totally not hoping for the captain's promo), and started going through older threads in this forum. Because why work in the office when you can be on the internets!

Just reached this thread, and it woke up some buried STO-memories.

I remember when I first started playing this game, and changed my space set from the Reman to the Romulan. 
I still do, because I remember how disappointed I felt when the looks changed from the awesome Reman to the boring Romulan style (in comparison). 
But this excites me! I can't wait to be done with work and try out the visuals slots. I still have the Reman items!  Tongue
I finally I know why I kept those reputation and misson reward items, even though their stats are obsolete!

Btw, I was looking for a 'Visual' comparison, and found this: Visual Slots - sto.gamepedia

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