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Evening fleet,
quick question for you. I was unable to open my event ship last night as my roster is full. No problem I thought, I'll dry dock one to make room.
Unfortunately, my dry dock is also full. I discovered last night I can't delete a ship from dry dock (why?) and I can't activate any of them either as my active roster is full.

Can you see where I'm going with this? I do not want to ditch any of the ships in my active roster (that's why I keep them on the active roster), but I can't dry dock any and I can't delete any from my dry dock. Is there a way around this that doesn't involve me buying more dry dock spots?
If I delete a ship from my active, can I reclaim it again? Smile

Many thanks!


In order to delete a Ship from Drydock, you first need to bring it back to active service. Since you have no free Ship slots, that won't work.

Deleting an active Ship seems to be the only solution here, but you need to be very, very careful with this. You can only reclaim Ship that you bought with ZEN from the C-Store or if it is a Ship from the Anniversary, Summer and Winter Events. If there are no Ships available for deletion, then your only option is to buy 5 additional Dry Dock Slots. They cost 400 ZEN and are thereby cheaper than the 2 additional Ship Slots for 500 ZEN.
Thanks TacPaddy, that's what I thought. I do have summer/winter and c-store ships, so looks like I'll delete & reclaim.

That being said, I'm likely to run out of space anyway, so maybe I'll just spend the 400 zen from my monthly stipend. I was going to buy keys Sad



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