Three other Trek games
I absolutely LOVED Star Trek Armada, both I & II. Great combat sims.
I used to love playing Star Trek Elite Force. Before STO came along, Star Trek Elite Force was the closest thing to feeling like you were in a Star Trek Episode.

The Star Trek Armada games are also really fun if you like Real Time Strategy games such as Starcraft.

Oh! And you just reminded me about the Star Trek 25th Aniversary game! That one was really fun and I think it is free now if you like the Original Series.
If you like ship to ship combat, it would be hard to beat Starfleet Command. It was IMO the best starship combat game ever.

It was only starship combat, and nothing more. In fact it's based on the older board game Starfleet Battles.
livemic Wrote:I have often joked about getting an old clunker of a computer just so i could play old classics I miss. Does that sound silly?

I have an old win 95 laptop floating about I used to use for the old games, but nowadays I just use a virtual PC for them

And Birth of the Federation & Armada 2 are my favourite star trek games (that aren't mmorpgs anyway).
I would recommend the Fleet OPs mod for armada 2 though.


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