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Hi everyone. Well, my DPS isn't so good despite aiming for purple stuff everywhere. I reach 5 to 6k on an average Na'Kuhl run (once reaching 8k which is probably not too bad for a cheapo, freebie Patrol Escort but that was a good day). My escort is a bit of a hybrid; a plasma beam/torp combo to make the most of the bonus technologies in the 3-piece Omega Adapted Borg and Romulan Singularity harness sets (still grinding Iconian and Delta and, anyway, that's all I can afford so far).

If I've followed the guidance correctly here's my build http://skillplanner.stoacademy.com/b0434...7c99ef2d7e

Now my question is: I can now afford a fleet plasma vulnerability locator. (Woo Hoo!) Should I replace one of my Plasma Infusers with it or should I go for an ENG or SCI console to give myself more survivability. And if so, what would you recommend?

I realise that the torps are probably not the best of choices (having spent the dil). Half the time my three high yield plasma torps are just wandering around aimlessly, my target having been long since wiped out by my more efficient comrades. Maybe I should just write off the torps and bonuses altogether and go for a beam boat?

I'd hate to waste my hard-ground dil and fleet credits so appreciate any help.
There will be sage advice from more veteran players and tips if you want to keep torps and not go all out beams. That being said, a science console(s) you definitely want to get are the plasma generating consoles from the embassy - you could fit two on there and move the assimilated module to an engy slot and dump one of the hull and the shield consoles - that will deffo bump your DPS. Not sure that CritH and Dmg mods are optimal for an engineer, but if you're not trying to build a DPS dragracer I am pretty sure it is not that big of a deal - but there are peeps with much better insight on that. I'm still a padawan myself. Tongue

Don't know that using Na'kuhl RA is a good measure for your DPS. When you're on yell on fleet chat and get an ISA run with fleeties and get a parse off of that.
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Well it all depends on whether you want to stick with plasma weapons. If you really like plasma and want to keep them for the long term, then get the vulnerability locator. However, if you are looking to get antiproton weapons soon (highest for DPS) then get either a plasma nullifying console from the embassy or a fleet nutronium console from the mine. 

I started out with exactly the same ship in the endgame, the patrol escort. I would advise replacing the torp at the back at the very least with an omni-directional beam weapons or a turret for maximum forward firepower. Also look into getting more FAW powers and a higher ATB for cooldown reductions and more debuffs. I would also HIGHLY recommend getting Emergency Power to Weapons, which boosts your weapons power and so gives you more DPS. 

And finally as Dude said, the DPS channel and meta is based on runs in ISA, suggest you do your parse runs there with a fleet team. 

Welcome to the endgame- and good luck.
Great. Thanks for the advice. As a Tac careerer I'm a bit short of ENG and SCI slots. Also, as a mostly solo player (I really, really am too dumb to engage in fleet ops -- too much disappointment in my performance all round) I find I have to adopt a "hit 'n run" approach to things like Borg Cubes. I used to have three aft turrets before I could afford arc cutting and plasma beams. So the third now is my torp, which boosts my fore Experimental Romulan Plasma capabilities, but also delivers some high yield damage while I'm doing a "Sir Robin Bravely Ran Away". Forward shields on an escort, even with high dps, can only stand so much . . .

Some thoughts:

Yes I now know that AP is the way to go but I would denude myself of valuable dil/ec/fleetcreds to rebuild. So plasma it must be.

DPS is the most important thing in STO, I know. But I seem to be on the cusp of a DPS Vs Resource Management Vs Survivability decision in this stage of my game. For example, would getting a vulnerability locator (plas) offset my existing Mk XII plasma infusers by so very much to justify the expenditure?

I had never heard of the plasma-generating consoles before. Having travelled to the Embassy I see they offer around 8 or 9% improvement. Looks good but expensive. So, PG or VL first?

Never heard of ATB either. Had to Google it. If that is "Aux to Batt" surely as a Tac escort with little ENG slots and my AUX power down to 25 this would not be a very effective use of resources? But . . .  I am trying to understand how my newly-crafted EPS conduit helps my build so I am not sure about anything.

How to get more FAW powers? I use my top boff tac slots for overload, FAW and omega pattern. Is there a crafting thing I could use? (I now have lvl 15 in 4 of the R&Ds)

Finally, survivability. My sci consoles are used purely to boost shields so should I trade survivability for the plasma generators? I've looked at Neutronium for the ENG but their resistances seem much lower than my two Tri/Diburniums. Again, not sure of the maths here.

Anyway, thanks again. The fun in this game, I think, is not blowing things up, but understanding how you are doing it.

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