EPS Flow Regulators?
I've not played for quite a while.
A quick question....do EPS flow regulator consols improve my weapons power recharge rate?
Trying to find a way to increase recharge between firing cycles. I'm running a operations star cruiser with 8 beam arrays, dont like torps, but this means my weapons power drains FAST when my abilities are on CD. Im hitting around 11k dps (according to my combatlog) but feel i could get it to creep a little higher IF I can keep my power up....
Im Eng spec btw.
Any help would be appreciated.
Hi Borrik,

Yes, EPS flow regulators improve your power transfer rate.  A Mk XIV Epic EPS Flow Regulator will add +100% power transfer rate. 
For more information, check out this thread.  You should be able to get some tips on maximizing your power transfer rate.  Also, you could always post your build in the builds forum for extra input. Big Grin


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