Neverwinter's 3 year anniversary
Greetings adventurers,

Neverwinter is celebrating it's 3rd anniversary, and not only are they having a free giveaway every day through the C-Store, they have some new things for guilds to do too-

Guilds will also find traveling merchants coming to their Stronghold, who must be escorted safely through the surrounding lands. Guilds will have access to a series of temporary traders that can visit the Stronghold for 24 hours, providing valuable guild currencies for small contributions of wood, stone, metal, and food. There’s never been a better time to join a guild and help them grow.

Sounds cool- I want to see if we can trade wood for anything, (as we have more wood then we can hold!) Perhaps we can exchange wood for some of the things we need for the farm we are working to build.

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I made more new toons just because of the free stuff! But I'm a noob and none of my five toons are over lvl 6 (I think). I'm just now getting into some NW, but it's cool. I've always been a sucker for this genre from waaaaaaaaaaay back with the Gothic series.
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Now that the Summer event is over in Neverwinter, I need to head up to Ten Towns to get ready for the next expansion coming Aug 16- Storm King’s Thunder

The Giants are returning!
Adventurers will be able to investigate the sudden return of giants to the Sword Coast in Neverwinter's tenth expansion, which coincides with Wizards of the Coast’s new pen and paper adventure series.

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