Saved Character Editor error
Hmm, it seems like the problem is back.

(08-11-2016, 09:55 PM)wewarren68 Wrote: Hmm, it seems like the problem is back.

I'll need to keep investigating. I'm pretty sure it is a server side problem so I'll need to talk to my host.

It's doing it again.

Hello all,

Seems the problem is either back or still around! Was a solution ever found for this problem?
The problem is back again... Also, I tried loading as AoY TOS character and it didn't see the file so I'm guessing that TOS is a different format similar to Romulan.

Hello all, my problem is simply a few missing Boff races in the Academy's Charector Editor. I do understand that the firstly, is free, 2ndly has myself and countless others very  well for many years
Photonoc Eng Boff - No Longer abtainable, unless unclaimed left-overs.See Temporal Agent Crey
(of which I have...I'll go with 'a few')
Kobali - from "Dust to Dust" mission of Delta arc
Iand I honestly did not look even tho I intended to, but I believe TOS/AoY Boffs are missing aswell.

* Breen Boff- * uneditable at a tailor *
* Hierarchy Sci - * uneditable at a tailor *
* BorgOmega Sci - * uneditable at a tailor *

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