I have been working on this ship awhile. Could use any advice y'all can give.
There is quite a lot that you can do to this build.

Are you in a fleet with access to fleet gear?
Yes. I am in a fleet.
Would be also good if you can tell us which traits you have access.
There are some builds with "Greedy emitters" and "Improved feedback pulse" that
can be very deadly.
I'm not a native English speaker. I make mistakes when I write in this language.
Alright here's some quick pointers. 

1) weapons- try to get the mk XII fleet AP beam weapons with dmgx3 crtd at this stage- later on try to look into getting some with crtd or pen mods. 

2) set- look into getting a set from the reputation system. The iconian set atm is the best in terms of DPS, but other combinations are possible- do some research on and sto reddit and see what you like best. 

3) consoles- look into getting the fleet AP vulnerability exploiters which give you extra crit chance and AP damage to replace the mag regulators. Also look into getting the zero point energy conduit from the romulan rep and possibly a neutronium alloy from the fleet dil mine. 

4) powers- swap EPTE for EPTW- boost weapons power- more power to weapons give you more damage.
I'll look into it. Thanks for the pointers.

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