Fleet Missions

I am new here and was wondering how often do we team up as a fleet and do missions together? And how will I know when we do these events?

Step 1 is to make sure your in the STO Academy Channel. You should have a invite waiting for you. 
   See: http://armada.stoacademy.com/fleet_chat    if you don't know how to join the channel

If for any reason you don't have an invite, let me know and I will get ya one. Please include you @Handle if you need one

Step 2 : Use the channel to either ask for one, i.e. anyone wanna do ISA
Step 3 : Make sure to watch channel for others trying to get one together

See: http://forum.stoacademy.com/showthread.php?tid=3665   for a list of acronyms if you don't know them yet, so you know what your joining

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