Militia Feedback
It has been a while now since we opened up the STO Academy Militia. In this time only a few members have joined it and they have worked hard on the Militia starbase. Still, the STO Academy Militia hasn't become what we were expecting.

I have opened up this official Militia Feedback thread so that all the members of the STO Academy can give their feedback on the Militia. Let me know your concerns, suggestions, ideas, etc.

I think its because we have a lot of "new recruits" and the older members really don't know about Militia because they aren't registered in the forums or..participate in it...probably because of lack of interest maybe?
I just find that having a sister fleet just makes it such that contribution has to split between the main fleet and academy. Most players would probably just contribute to the academy fleet, since its much more built up and players won't want to really contribute from scratch.
And there's really not much of a difference whether you're playing on the academy/militia fleet. Yes, I know that the sister fleet was meant for veteran players, but there's no significant difference from when I was in academy than I am in militia now. May be due to player base, but it really doesn't affects me as a different time zone player.
I intend to switch H'ralsk over to the Militia at some point, but since I don't currently have computer access (that can run STO, anyway), it's a moot point.

However, the KDF fleet is already anemic enough, so I'm keeping Zex there for the foreseeable future.

Thanks for all the feedback so far everyone. Keep it coming.

SeedyGeorge Wrote:... However, the KDF fleet is already anemic enough, so I'm keeping Zex there for the foreseeable future.
We don't have a KDF version of the Militia anyway, only for the Fed.

I like the idea of the Militia, even though I'm not doing STFs myself. It will take some time to get it built up to the level it needs to be in order to be able to put groups together on a regular basis. When I first joined the Academy last year, it was like pulling teeth to get five people together for the first official STF event. I believe two of our team were non-members who took pity on us and joined the team just so we could run the STF. (Both, however, ended up joining the fleet, so it was a good recruiting strategy if nothing else). At the time, the fleet had about forty or fifty members, some of whom were alts. Now that we have almost five hundred members, there's much more flexibility in scheduling and a lot more informal teaming at all hours of the day and night. I suspect that, as time goes on, the Militia will reach that same point. It may never be as large as the original Academy, but by it's very nature it should attract a more active type of player, so it won't need as many warm bodies in order to function effectively.
I agree with what has been previously stated regarding schedule events. I think what made STOA great for me was doing STFs with folks. I think by having semi-regularly schedule events that we could all agree upon and plan around we could really feel like the Militia is a strong fleet regardless of its size. And in terms of the starbase, I actually like the idea that we are starting from scratch and it's just a small band of us running things. Very Voyager-esque Smile

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