First Toon Arbiter build help
Hi guys as title says looking for help on my first toon

Was sent here by a few people in game, like the title says im on my first toon plan to be my main.

i just broke the level 55 mark and have completed all episodes apart from the iconian, and solanae,

was just looking for some help with my ship as i was really struggling to finish the delta episodes was dying a bit to much for my liking in the last free escort ship, so i brought the arbiter last night swapped from cannons and turrets to beams and had a play around, set up at the moment is pretty much just what ive aquired from missions and the odd stf (not done very many wanted to get episdoes out of the way), or the odd pieces of advice in game or from googling mission help or from odd forums, ive brought a couple bits but mostly saved up so far,

this is my currant set up,

im going to be doing the last episodes and then jumping in to the reputaton system which ive found a bit daunting at the moment im tier 2 delta and just started dyson not even tier 1.

and in to the stfs and w ould like to be able to be helpfull and do some damage rather then be dying the whole time,

not touching pvp yet at all if that helps, i got at the moment, 695 zen  1.2 mil ec, (after last spending and reps) 82.5k dil, 67 lobi. to play around with for now, alos done all solo no fleet so far.

sorry for the long post lol longer then i though wanted to be specific and try to cover alot in one pst rather then get loads of questions about missed info

Thanks in advance
Without your skill tree, traits, or anything else filled out, it'll be hard to provide the help.

 I would just use one torp and the rest either beams or cannons. And instead of 4 ablative hulls, I would use one Nuetronium Alloy, RCS accelerator, EPS flow regulator. Nuetronium Alloy covers all energy and kinetic damage. And I would personally swap out the field generator for the emitter amplifier for better shield regen rate. 
Since you also have the kobali Deflector, why not just run the full Kobali set? That set will provide a good amount of survivability with the heals that it has. Plus, it's a decent set till you can get either rep gear, or fleet gear.
But that's my personal opinion and it's to be taken with a grain of salt since everyone's opinion is different.

The Arbiter is just basically a reskin of the Avenger battle cruiser. Just think of it as a little bit slower of an escort. It thrives with either weapon type. I have mine set up to fight the Undine with the FULL counter command sets.
HA!  Delta was an eye opener for me when I first started it... it's a bit of a step up.  A few ideas to bounce off of you:

You have two beam fire at will and a beam overload.  Consider dropping one of those and adding an Attack Pattern Beta to pop before the BFAW.  APDelta ain't bad either.  For survivability, consider getting an Aux to Structural Integrity Field for your Eng boff - I'd replace the aceton beam with Aux2SIF or, maybe, eng team.  Also consider adding Hazard Emitters in a Science boff slot - maybe for photonic officer - for the hull heal and cleanse it gives.

Consider going back to the Cardassian story and rerunning "The New Link" and grabbing the resonating Tetryon beam - it's got a nice 5% chance proc on it compared to 'plain' tetryons 2.5% chance.  That's FREE and that mission is not bad to run.  You can get a full set of those, btw, they are not "can only equip one".  People are going to bounce the "this is the best energy type", the reality is unless you are going to be a dps dragracer (which is not a slam, I read their builds and skill groupings to learn myself) whatever energy you want to run will likely be just fine.

If you like tet, but want to endure the beatdown that Boldly They Rode is - you can get a set of Dominion polarons that have the tetryon proc along with the polaron.  Yeah those won't match your current tac consoles, but those are cheap and there are ways to bolster and replace.  Just a thought.

Get leveled up to 56 and skip all the missions you can to get to the Iconian story as it has items that will boost your current tetryon build, for free, while you build up your resources - specifically the Butterfly and Midnight missions.

The Rep system is a grind, but worth the time and part of the fun of the game.  Getting into a fleet and building up fleet credits will allow you to access tactical locator/exploiter consoles and Embassy plasma generating science consoles that will damage boosting.  As this is the STOA website and I am a STOA member, let me extend the offer to join us - we're casual, have fun and have quite a number of very knowledgeable members who can help with whatever builds you would like to explore.  Feel free to ingame message/mail me at @dudeorama#9768 if interested and I will be glad to send and invite or visit our fleet site and there is an option to ask for an invite there.  Cheers!
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Thanks for getting back to me guys, have used the advice you gave me and reached 60 finally, and done all episodes, ship felt a lot better with the console upgrades thanks dragn, and the new boff set up is great took some getting used to though thanks dude, will be updating my skill planner soon

thanks again guys
This is the new set up, been good so far, now got a fortune to spend on her as an unexpected windfall enabled me to invest in a few more zen just venturing in to the stf side of the game but its slow going as not many people seem to be in the queues

Nice, Herald AP's have nice proc and that cool black beam. If you're going to hang with the Arbiter might consider looking at an Aegis space set for your ship while you grind through the reps - set gives a Feedback Pulse you can slot on your action bars.
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The Herald APs are some of the best I have used. Their proc of boosting power the longer you fight (basically) along with the AP +crit proc is uber. the ship is getting up there. Keep up the good work.
hey guys thanks for the feedback,

was looking at the aegis set on the exchange yesterday then some one warned me away gave it a real slagging off, and i got weary lol, probalby get it soon as looking at it prices aint to bad so will give it ago,

been looking a a new ship as have 3k zen but so many to choose from then theres the lobi dont know where to begin, but i am likeing the arbiter at the moment, aswell as the herald beams like the colour as i tend to have darker ships and he fit nicely,  am definitly dying a lot less made it through my first advanced stf isa i think and died only once lol getting in to rep now focused on iconain as had a lot of marks for it and started donating to the fleet to build up some credits,

any recommendations on new ships to test?
i have a infinity t5 ship box unopened at the mo and got a nakhul raider ship unopened aswell

thanks again guys helped so much all ready
HA! I've never had an issue with Aegis and run it in the lvl XII VR state it comes from basic crafting on all my baby toons until I get a rep set to gear them with. To each his own I suppose.
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Went for the ageis in the end and I like it specially the skill from the set, so am happy with that, 

Thanks everyone for the help time to get stuck in to the rep properly now lol


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