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Just did some additional checking. The general consensus is that the Tooltip of the Consoles is crap.

Exotic Damage is considered everything, that can be boosted by Particle Generators. The Plasma Explosions can't be boosted by [+Pla] Consoles, as they are non-weapon Plasma. So they get boosted by everything that delivers +All Damage.

Since I have a lot of stuff that gives +All Damage, I was lead to the false conclusion that the Plasma explosions were indeed Exotic Damage. My apologies for that.
Oh ok. This is indeed very confusing. When you explained it earlier I reached the same conclusion. Thanks for talking it out with us!

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What they did was to nerf the critical hit of the plasma explosions. ( I forget the specifics but either it was critting close to 100% before and this was reduced to minimal , or they completely removed the crit hit chance.)

EDIT Looking at the wiki, it appears that it deals plasma damage direct to hull, despite the tooltip saying it does "plasma based exotic damage" lol Smile
Plasma explosions from embassy consoles are not exotic damage and are merely boosted by generic "+all damage" sources. As others also correctly stated, these explosions do not crit and therefore do not benefit from +crtx bonuses.

Despite of that, they remain extremely powerful consoles that are by far the "best in slot" for science slots on energy builds. In fact, an argument can be made for these consoles bringing a better DPS contribution to an energy build than even locators. I can go dig some of my old reddit posts if someone is interested in the reasoning/math.

The "plasma based exotic damage" in the tooltip refers to that fact that embassy consoles provide a small buff to such damage sources. To the best best of my knowledge there are very few items that benefit from this buff; the Particle Emission Plasma Torpedo's cloud being the only one I can recall from the top of my head.
Ok guys so let´s summarize it. Plasma explosions from embassy consoles are not exotic damage. Question - Can I benefit from this trait as a tactical officer for example if I use bio-molecular and withering disruptors and torpedoes? Is their damage meant as exotic ( I do not mean kinetic damage )?

Thank you


The Biomolecular and Withering Disruptor procs are not exotic damage. So no.
Basically, yes.  It would appear that the plasma explosions are not exotic damage.  Also, based on what I gathered (someone please feel free to correct me if I'm wrong) The Bio-Molecular Torpedo and Withering Disruptor procs are also not applied as exotic damage but rather as Radiation Damage.  Skills/traits that improve exotic damage such as Starship Particle Generators and Particle Manipulator won't affect these weapons since they offer no exotic damage. 
If you're interested, you may want to try the Particle Emission Plasma (PEP) Torpedo from R&D.  It creates a plasma cloud after impact which is treated as exotic damage and boosted by all relevant exotic damage-boosting skills. 
 I checked on Sto Wiki for both the PEP Torpedo, Withering Disruptor Beam Array, and Bio-Molecular Photon Torpedo and checked the skills which affect the weapons.  Sure enough, the PEP torpedo listed Starship Particle Generators, but the other two weapons did not.  From this I came to the conclusion the Withering Disruptors and Bio-Torpedos do not offer any exotic damage. 
I think that just about covers it.  Please, someone correct me if I missed anything, sometimes the wiki can be outdated. Tongue

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