Fleet Bank
Just wanted to take a moment to explain how I take care of the Militia Fleet Bank due to the recent changes in the structure.

The Requisitions Tab: If you see something in here you would like send me an in-game email and I will gt it to ya 
Tabs 2-6: Take what ya need for your toon, ship, or crafting needs. These tabs are not for resale
Resale Tabs: Take whatever you want up to you limit if you need EC. 

When placing items in the bank, please make sure to follow the rules for item types, level and rarity. This includes the resale tabs.

I look at the logs on a daily basis and should I see questionable withdraws, I will send you an in-game letter asking about it. I know this he very subjective on my part. But for instance you take 2 warp cores or 5 different weapon types, i will ask ya about it. Mind you I am not accusing anyone when I send them a letter. 

For the most part I wont even send a letter unless I see the max taken out for your rank. Also I don't just look at logs and send letters if I see the max taken out. I also look at the roster to see how active a person is.

Here is an example of what I am talking about

Player A takes his max out of all the tabs. After checking the roster I see he hasn't been active for 2 weeks or more. Player A will get a letter from me asking for a response.

I know I can be very OCD when it comes to the bank and again should you ever get a letter from me asking about your bank withdraws, I am not accusing you of anything, I am just checking to make sure everything is OK.

Mind you this only applies to the Militia Bank and the other FC's may take care of their banks the way they see fit

Feel free to contact me via PM, in game email should you have any questions

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