100k Tholian Tartantula Engineer Build
Hey guys my crowning achievement to date:

ISA Gamelog:

Ingame: Alejandro [email protected] (STO Academy Militia)
Congrats on the 100K!

Just a quick comment: you have redundant cooldown management. You're using a2b, reciprocity AND strategist on a threat build.

A2Bat you can (should) get rid off. It does many bad things for you. It needlessly robs you of 2 engie slots, 3 doff slots and drains your aux thus hampering your heals and your FBP damage.

Now, if you run Strategist with threatening stance on, you can simply use attrition warfare for you cooldown management. Use A2Sif (which is perfect with its short cooldown) and the end of your main offensive cycle. E.g. I do TT>KLW>APx>FaW>a2sif. This also allows you to get rid of reciprocity and free up a starshp trait slot.

If you not, you can simply rely on reciprocity. Either way...you should remove A2Bat and 3 technician as they are both redundant and detrimental to an otherwise excellent build Smile

Also, on a minor note, you might want to consider using Particle Manipulator as it will help your FBP quite a bit. Moreover, you could also drop Elusive for Coalition Starship Tactics (pretty cheap atm on the exchange) as 3 tacs in your team alone will give you almost the same (3% bonus defense per tac captain in team) plus a variety of small but nice bonuses.
Hey Thanks!

I did not know any better for the cooldown management. I just threw down all of the cool down managements Smile What do you suggest I do for Engineering slots? Shall I reslot the universal ensign and put an SRO there?

Attrition Warfare: How does this work? On my searches every 20 seconds I get the cool down reduction i would for A2B?

A2SIF: Yeah I didnt really understand this until I just searched for it now. I didnt realize the quick cooldown for this.

I have Coaition Starship Tactics and can replace Elusive. I believe I placed Elusive there for reciprocity.
I have plans to get the following 2 Traits: Supremacy and Invincible as soon as a Lobi sale hopefully rolls around.
IMO, considering you have Attack Pattern Delta Prime and presumably want to keep using APD, I would make the ensign universal a TAC and drop OSS2 to OSS1 and get an APB in the LT tac seat. A single APD copy, even brought down to global, does not sync with a FAW cycle. However, an APD/APB (or APD/APO) rotation does. APB is the only attack pattern you can use with a single copy (assuming the proper cooldown management) and sync with a FAW cycle.

In other words, with an APD/APB rotation, you would be to sync an attack pattern with every FAW cycle. This is very desirable.

For your engi universal, I would run Eng Team, RSP (with a Fabrication Engineer doff for 16 secs of RSP), EPTW3 and A2Sif. I would use A2Sif at the end of your main offensive cycle to proc Attrition Warfare. Attrition warfare is a 30% cooldown reduction on ALL boff abilities that can be procced once every 20S via the activation of a hull heal, which in practice is all you need to keep at TT/KLW/APx/FAW roation going. Be sure to place your EPTW within your offensive rotation since Attrition Warfare will keep it on global (or an EPTW/EPTS rotation if you desire to keep EPTS).  I shared some thoughts on this subject over on reddit here. My opinions have not changed since then. On a side note, you will find that keeping an A2Sif rotation going will give you a VERY noticeable survivability buff. Just remember to always keep threatening stance "on" like any good tank should Wink

However, at first, you may certainly keep reciprocity in the interim to see how comfortable you are managing your cooldowns via atttrition warfare.

On a side note, most high-end Tarantula pilots I know use the Web Cannon console. Not owning the Tarantula, I have no personal experience on the subject...but I know that upwards of 10K from the web cannon alone is not uncommon.

For reference, here's a nice video of a 150K Tarantula piloted by an engie like yourself. At the end of the video he showcases his build...just for reference should you need any further inspiration.

As a final note, considering you are an engineer that does not need to reach very low hull for good GDF's like us Tacs do, I would not bother with Invincible.

In any case, 100K is a great achievement...well done Smile
Hey Sf911

I took some of your advice and I am gradually moving towards a more advanced setup that you suggested.

Trait wise: I did add Coalition Starship Tactics but i kept Reciprocity for now.

Attrition Warfare: Had no idea how this worked until you pointed it out. Will be doing some experiments with it. I didnt even realize how the Threatening stance worked.

Ship slots: I added the Universal Timeline Stabilizer in place of Bioneural Infusion Circuits.

Boffs: I changed around the layout to include a third SRO and APB with APD.

Doffs: Went with Damage Control Engineers to cycle through my emergency power abilities (I fear this maybe overkill). I also added one Zemok to the mix.

Here is the updated build:
With either Reciprocity or Attrition Warfare (if you proc it at the right time) you don't need Zemok to sync your APD/APB rotation with your FAW. It's redundant.

Similarly, attrition warfare also effectively replaces DCE's for an EPTx/EPTy rotation if used correctly.

And yes, leaving threatening stance "on" is a pretty big deal if you want to tank Smile ....which I assume you want to do given your usage of Reciprocity, FBP and +threat consoles. Not only it increases your threat gen, but it also gives you nice survivability buffs and allows your ship to ignore the Attract Fire aura of other ships (which can really hurt your threat gen otherwise).

Now that you're no longer "killing" your Aux power with A2B, I would also suggest dropping Tactical Advantage for the Nakura Aux Offense trait.

Also, keep in mind that the Tachyokinetic Converter's CRTx buff is a very small DPS boost. I would really experiment with the tholian web cannon if I were you. I've seen other Tarantula Pilots get 10 to 20K out of it.

On a final (and relatively minor) note, I would also change your weapon placement. Assuming your weapon firing cycle is from top left to bottom right (weapons fire in the order you clicked their autofire), you want that TTDA to be your first weapon to fire and your ARAP to be your second. So place TTDA in the top left and ARAP next. This way your two most powerful weapon will benefit from the highest weapon power and the highest time on target (in the case of TTDA since you put it in the back). I assume you're running [+beam] for TTDA.
More from that other Tarauntula I linked you to before (which currently holds the non-tac DPS record) should you want any further build inspiration: Prylars Tarantula build write up

It just came up on Reddit builds and I thought of you Smile
Thanks ! Yeah I frequent that subreddit, was shocked to see that. I remodelled after seeing that a bit.

I got her up to 117k now. I am going to keep on tweaking till i reach that for now

He doesnt seem to use Attrition warfare however, which I found to be fantastic.
(05-30-2016, 07:28 AM)Coaxial Wrote: Thanks ! Yeah I frequent that subreddit, was shocked to see that. I remodelled after seeing that a bit.

I got her up to 117k now. I am going to keep on tweaking till i reach that for now

He doesnt seem to use Attrition warfare however, which I found to be fantastic.

Very nice job, gratz! Love reading up on stuff from peeps like sf who can explain the why and what's happening with traits and skills in combination.
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