Fastest way to earn Energy Credits (EC)
For me I bought some lock box master keys for ~1000 Zen and sold them in the echange for 1.5 million each I think. 15 million EC in about 10 minutes.

Did this twice and now have a nice savings for my toons.
Attilio Wrote:If I remember correctly:

Starfleet/KDF vendors give 60% of the item's original cost
Civilian vendors (like Ferengi) give 50% of the item's original cost
Replicator gives 40% of the item's original cost

I'm pretty sure those are the correct percentages, but even if they aren't it is in the correct order. Starfleet/KDF give the most, replicator gives the least.

Beware of Ferengi vendors! Pag for example buys your stuff at 30%. So I advise to take a look at the offered prices, before "carelessly" clicking on sell. Also it seems, that the Quartermaster onboard the Tuffli Class Freighters only give you 40%.

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