Any help would be greatful
I took a break for a long time and when I came back everything has changed and I am not remembering much about the game.  I tried to do my best but I don't know if I did this all correct. Any help with how to maximize DPS would be awesome. Here is the link to my build.

Thanks for all the help!!
This may take a lot of time...
In my opinion the skill tree need to be adjusted.
At the moment you use only one torpedo and you maxed the torpedo skill.
Is it worth?  It depends on what you decide but it's a factor to consider.
Maybe decrease a bit the importance of torpedo in your build.

You didn't put anything in defensive maneuver neither in impulse
expertise.  How do you survive?  These skill will help you a lot with
that. A fast ship has a high defense.
Most important (at least to me) you put zero in long range targeting sensor.
Unless you are always below 5 km from your target you need to take care
of the long range DPS decay.
It's hard to help you because I don't know which duty officers you have.
For the bridge officers I would rather go for 2 engineers, 2 Tactical and 1 sci.
If you use the doffs that reduce the time to emergency power
I would put for the engi:

For the tactical it really depends.
For the science BO I would at least put a hull heal, like HE1 or HE2.

The traits play also an important role.  Which ones do you have available?
As a tactical toon I would put offensive space reputation traits, like:
Precision, Enhanced rending shot, Advanced targeting system, tactical advantage
(I am not on STO now, aren't some traits missing in the stoacademy site? If so I would
still pick the offensive traits, take whatever increase your CrtH or CrtD).
There is a lot more to do, like picking the right fleet console.
At the moment some people say that it's better to take the +Beam console
instead of the +Energy_type console.  It depends on what you are going to use.
If you will use mixes beams (like the Terran beam + the Radiant AP beam of the Ico rep)
+Beam is much better.  If you stick to only one type of energy, maybe +Energy_type.
I'm not a native English speaker. I make mistakes when I write in this language.

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