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They've announced the third expansion!

What a reveal!! Really excited for this!!
If the Klingons don't have smooth foreheads and the Federation uniforms don't rip in every melee fight, I'll be very disappointed.

And there had better be polystyrene boulders everywhere. Ideally crushing redshirts.
Have to say this was a big surprise, and a much better idea than just another playable faction.

However... more alts. *sigh*
I wonder if the zen versions of the packs will be the same? Iirc they were in the Rommie expac. Guess Its time to start saving my refined dil again Big Grin
Oh my god I'm so excited about this!, I love TOS! *squeals* Smile
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I wonder about the zen versions will be like. I am curious about the TOS game play.
Very nice from the 50th anniversary point of view, but ....

Dev Blog Wrote:In addition to the ability to create a brand new Star Trek: The Original Series Starfleet captain, we will be introducing a new episode arc for players of every faction, the Temporal Initiative Resistance Reputation, a Temporal Operative Primary Specialization along with brand new Bridge Officer powers. Players who create their captains during the first six weeks of launch will also be able to participate in the new Temporal Agent Recruitment system for bonus personal and account-wide rewards, a new iteration of the popular Delta Recruitment system that released a year ago. This release is packed with content to keep you engaged in the classic Star Trek: The Original Series era - and beyond.
... of course it's only for Starfleet. That is a disqualifying criteria for my taste. However, I have a feeling that I have to create one nevertheless in order to get full benefits from that T.I.R. Reputation. Remember when we had to enroll Fed, KDF and RRF Delta Recruits for max benefits? Probably the same here.

Anyway, new stories, so "Yay!", I guess. Wink
I am excited too but there are several thing I don't understand.
Will the new character be in a different universe compared to the one where we play?
What I mean is, can I use the TOS character to run normal STF and normal content
or it will be limited to a kind of TOS universe? Will it have the reputation?
What about the ships in the pack, what do they offer? Consoles? Traits?
I'm not a native English speaker. I make mistakes when I write in this language.
My reference was to the TOS era Starfleet Captain. I know, that the other faction get their story lines for the Temporal Initiative Resistance Reputation. My point was, that I probably have to to enroll a TOS-era Starfleet Captain to get full benefits from the Reputation. Like with the Delta Recruitment, when you got extra stuff for completing all faction-specific story lines.

My personal dislike of this aside, I do agree that this is one hell of a way to celebrate the 50th Anniversary for the masses. It's just not quite for me, though. Wink
I'm probably going to get it just for the hell of it, but I'd say if you can't decide then wait for the ship specs to come out

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