Away Team - thoery crafting
I'm very unsure of crafting together a good away team - it's the latest Na'Kuhl mission that got me digging around, and there really isn't a lot of information.  And I apologize, this post is rather lengthy.

I'm not asking for a critique, but more of a lets gather some information and theories - put me in a state of mind where I'm choosing gear to bring the team together.  I don't want this to be a dump this, throw away that, grab this - I want this to become a theory and how to choose things.

My current away team looks like the following:

Jem'Hadar Male Tac Officer (traits: Engineered Soldier, Shroud, Superior Peek Health, Superior Stubborn).
Skills currently active by default: Sweeping Strikes 1, Suppressing Fire 1, Lunge II, & Target Optics III
Equipment: Jem'Hadar Armour, Jem'Hadar Shield, Jem'Hadar Polaron Full Auto Riffle, Frequency Modulator, Tribble (ric), large Shield Charge, and Ketracel White (natch)

The main gear was hand me from when my main stopped using it - it is all upgraded to mk XIII (though the rarity is the same).  I opted to put the Jem'Hadar stuff on this char so it wouldn't sit in my bank.  It also seems fitting.  I chose the skills by trying to think of how to make this my in your face offensive char.  And with the weapons, the Jem'Hadar rifle's secondary is not only part of the set, but it's secondary is an expose - I figure that would be of benefit for him to get in the face of the bady's and exposing them for the team.

Engineer 1: Bajoran Male (traits: creative, spiritual, superior covert, superior luck)
Skills currently active by default: Shield recharge I, Shield Generator Fab I, Turret Fab II, Quantum Mortar Fab II
Equipment: Na'Kuhl Temporal Armor, Na'Kuhl Temporal Sheild, and Anti-Borg Antiproton split Beam auto rifle, Tribble (ric) , Frequency Modulator, and then random gear drops from missions for buff's

The Na'Kul stuff is a result from grinding the featured episode, and a minor upgrade from what they had.  I didn't go three piece due to the superior covert's 1500% exploit bonus, and why I went with a split beam auto riffle (that and it looked like a reasonably good Omega box weapon).

Engineer 2: Bolian Female (traits: corrosive blood, Lucky, superior sure footed, superior teamwork)  
Skills currently active by default: Shield recharge I, Shield Generator Fab I, Quantum Mortar Fab I, Medical Generator Fab II
Equipment: Omega Force Armor, Omega Shield, and Omega Force Antiproton autocarbine, Tribble (ric) , Frequency Modulator, and then random gear drops from missions for buff's

I haven't tried the equipment yet on my captain...  That said, this is the first reputation ground gear I've got, and that carbine looked awesome.  I wanted to see it put to use as opposed to carrying it as a secondary (I primarily use an exploit weapon - more on that shortly).  I just ended up putting the other two pieces here since she already had the weapon - but I will one day try it out first hand.

Science Officer: Betazoid Male (traits: Empathetic, Superior Mental Discipline, Superior Resiliency, Telepathic)
Skills currently active by default: Medical Tricorder I, Vascular Regenerator I, Vascular Regenerator II, Nanite Health Monitor I
Equipment: Na'Kuhl Temporal Armor, Na'Kuhl Temporal Sheild, and Anti-Borg Antiproton full auto rifle, Tribble (ric) , Frequency Modulator, medium hypo's, large hypo's

More ground.  Another looks pretty good weapon with expose for a BOFF.  And this BOFF's Telepath trait improves expose chance and duration.  Skills, wasn't sure where to go, I just thought having a more dedicated healer was in order...I haven't done much experimentation, although I did try to replace the Vascular generator II with a Hypospray Melorazine I.  That one small change completely gimped out the whole team - it was quite the jaw drop.  Now there are a hole multitude of things that could also be from, but there was a noticeable dynamic change.

So my first theory on weapons selection is that I've been choosing weapons that suit the char, but try to balance the expose and exploit abilities (or go one team member higher on the expose - so 3 away team members for expose, two for exploits).  My current thought is that an exposed enemy will allow for more more exploit damage - so my char and the second engineer are the exploit chars, everyone else should be trying to expose them.  Any thoughts on on this?

Next, is my thoughts on matching the weapons/gear to the BOFF and traits valid?  Does this in anyway apply to skills?  What about skills and weapons - anything to watch for there?

On the gear, I'm guessing it's like outfitting a ship - choose the gear that best fits with what you want to do to get the best buff's.  But I always noticed that if I threw something like Flea soup on my Jem'Hadar, he'd never ever use it (though he does go through an awful lot of the white lightning).
suggest you use the skill planner to set up your away teams' abilities so we can see them in a clear format.

In any case, Boff away team abilities aren't really used in the endgame anyway, due to mostly being solo ground mission. FOr me, my away team just functions to keep me alive-not used for much else.
Sorry, I did try to do that.  I selected the type's (engineer, tac, etc), but couldn't select any abilities or gear.  I figured since it's a beta that work in area's like that where still in progress.  I haven't done any ground STF's at all as of yet, but I did have some initial troubles with the last featured episode (I'm certainly not with the setup that I tried to layout somewhat nicely (but failed at)).  I was figuring on starting joining some ground ques at some point, but if BOFFs aren't needed/used at all, then I don't see why I can't start now then.  Oh wait, I guess the Dyson ground and Kobali prime could be considered STF's if I'm not mistaken. Like I said, I was more or less after theories on putting together an away team, to be sure I was making the whole team effective with the gear I have.

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