Fleet Commendation Application Thread 2.0
ATTENTION: Applications/Submission of proof for the Fleet Commendations are now supposed to be done at the Fleet website. However, for a transitionary period, the Admiralty asks you to also submit your Proof and Applications in this thread, while Attilio deals with any bugs that may occur. After the transition is over on June 30th (which is also the end of the Commendation challenge), please use the Fleet website exclusively.

You need to earn Fleet Commendations in order to get promotions? This Thread is meant to submit your proof.
  • Team-based efforts:
    • When you apply for a team-based Commendation, make sure to submit one screenshot per PvE Queue mission, in which all Team members must be accounted for with their [email protected] as well as the difficulty of the mission (example). When you do Crystalline Catastrophe, I recommend you let people "x" in Match chat right before you start the mission and take a 2nd screenshot of that, otherwise you catch only your half of the 10 member team. All this applies to the following Commendations:
      • Jean-Luc Picard Medal of Resistance, Kathryn Janeway Medal of Intrepidity & General Korok Badge of Liberation Commendations
      • Ground, Space, Small Craft & Borg Warfare Specialist Commendations
      • Expedition Specialist Commendations
  • Individual efforts by yourself:
    • When you apply for a Commendation based on your individual performance, submit your screenshot and please state your @handle (example). This applies to the following Commendations:
      • LCARS Trainee & LCARS Mastery Level 1 - 4 Commendations (No screenshot needed at this one, just the application. Please note, that your submissions in this thread will be deleted after they have been processed in the Fleet Stats. Therefore your submissions do not count towards the Forum Commendations.)
      • Accolade & Inter-Fleet Competition Specialist Commendations
      • Assignment Officer, Research Officer, Supply Officer & Convoy Duty Officer Achievement Commendations
      • Chief, Senior Chief & Master Chief Instructor Commendations
  • Individual efforts by others:
  • Automatic track of some of your individual performance:
    • Some of your progress is tracked automatically. This applies to the following Commendations:
      • STO Academy Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum & Dilithium Citation of Enrichment
      • Ambassador Spock IDIC Medallion & Benjamin L. Sisko Order of Unity

Indistinctive screenshots, that are leaving out necessary information like your @handle, the teams composition and/or difficulty of the mission can not be considered. So make sure, that your team knows what is at stake.

Here's a manual for the most convenient way to create proof screenshots (Click to View)

If you feel a decision to not process your screenshot is unjustified, you can apply for a
Mandatory Reconsideration". (Click to View)

Awardings of Commendations as well as resulting Promotions are usually announced on the first Monday of a month.

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