Wanted, feedback on what BoFF's to slot.
The Atrox Mortis

Greetings fellow members, I have a new build for my Jupiter, right now I am just useing the stock zen store one, but when and if I can afford it, I plan to upgrade it to the fleet version at some point along the way.

Feel free to say what BoFF's to slot into as that is what I am most need of atm.
right off the top of my head here's some things that would perhaps be useful

1) Get Beam FAW II and Attack Pattern Beta- for the damage resistance debuff

2) Get override subsystem safeties I and II  for you intel powers- provides a massive boost to EPS and so more DPS, with eng team III for a restart of the disabled subsytems and hull heal. 

3) swap viral matrix for tykens rift-
Ok, will look into that. Thanks.

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