V6 Scrolldown
Hi Attilio,

Thanks for making V6- looks a lot cleaner and responds faster than V5, great job. I'm using Safari and I'm having trouble scrolling down the options in the dropdown menus when you are trying to select an item or set the item base. I'm seemingly unable to scroll down to see more options, could this be a safari formatting issue or is it due to the layout (or lack of vertical scroll bar)? 

I'm able to get around this by creating each item however. 

Thanks again

It could be Safari, but I'm using standard code for the scrolling, nothing special. It should work. Which version are you using? If I can get my hands on that version I'll be able to give you a better answer.

Safari Version- Version 9.1 (10601.5.17.4) on OSX Yosemite
Thanks. I'll take a look as soon as I get a chance

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Hey, I forgot to reply after I released an update for this the other day. Is it working?


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