USS Nautilus: T6 Science Star Cruiser Tank (150K DPS PR/Phaser Boat/Tac Captain)
Edit: The build posted below is out of date. Refer to this Reddit Thread for a more up-to-date build.

Dear All,

I thought I’d share my current Yorktown build.

Here is the link to the build on the updated STOA skill planner (I posted the build on the STO Builds template in the comment section for those that prefer to see that).

Also, here is the link to the build using the Reddit Builds template (offers a little extra info).

The original aim of this build was to create a ship that was as effective as possible in pugs. Lag in channel runs has been so bad in past months that I tried to optimize my T5-U Oddy for the “pug lyfe” as some like to call it. It was my desire to have “one build to do it all"; hit hard and survive through most of it. In the process, I realised that I was building myself into a tank…and now with the T6 flagships and S11.5 the transformation feels (more or less) complete.


Some notes

Why phasers?
Because of the “i word” (immersion). I like shooting canon orange and the sound they make. The effective loss vs. AP can be estimated to be under or around 3% to beam damage. Compared to the emerging Coalition Disruptor meta? I frankly don't know.

Why the rep disruptor and +beam consoles?
Because this and because its reddish colour and different sound don’t detract so much from the overall look/sound of the other 7 phasers (subjective consideration of course).

Why only one attack pattern?
Because strategist (via Attrition Warfare with threatening stance on) allows me allows to keep my TT > KLW > APB > FaW III rotation on global without duplicates. FaW I is just there as a back-up...and because I don’t really know what else to slot there (I want to keep the Ens. Universal as a TAC for the SRO bonuses, otherwise I could consolidate KLW in there). I chose RPM because, again, I couldn’t figure anything better to put there (maybe Focused Assault?) and it doesn’t seem too bad (though I rarely use it in ISA’s tbh).
It's maybe worth noting that I use a2sif at the end of my TT > KLW > APB > FaW keybind for the CDR reduction, which I might proc anyway from another of the hull heals, but I found this method to be quite reliable as it essentially removes most of the micromanagement involved.


Final remarks:

This build’s 142K and then 150K personal records were both achieved in pug runs. It gets consistently better numbers in pugs vs. channel runs mainly due to the lag I suspect. It must also be noted that I find it easier to get big FBP numbers in pugs; although the 150K run had "8K" from FBP in there (vs. 21K in the 142K run).
Current bests are 96K DPS in CCA and 150K in ISA. Have yet to run an HSE since they fixed/nerfed it…so not sure how it stands to the “real” tank test. Hopefully I’ll get a chance to try it in HSE at some point in the not-too-distant future. It will be the first time I try a +threat build in HSE, so I’m curious to see how she will hold up.

Some relevant stats from the 150K run:

SCM - Infected [LR] (S) - [02:27] DMG(DPS) – @sf911: 22.24M(150.45K) @pug1: 10.38M(75.30K) @pug2: 4.97M(34.16K) @pug3: 1.59M(11.17K) (5th team member didn’t participate as was stuck in map transfer)
SCM - Infected [LR] (S) - ATKS In: 649 ATPS: 4.39 (87.0% of Team) - Florian@sf911


Both advice and questions are always welcome of course.
Florian, your build showed me, that I was a bit too cautious in certain aspects of my own build. Thank you for that. I still have questions, though:
  1. Full Impulse Energy Shunt: Is it truly worth it? I can't imagine the advantages, considering the short times I will use it. I have 350% Power Transfer Rate and I use the leech. So, is it really necessary?
  2. EPtW3: You use Energy Weapon Cycle, Supremacy, the Leech. I do get, that you need EPtW to trigger the EWC, but why EPtW3? I can't imagine, that you would run into any power issues. So, wouldn't EPtW1 be sufficient?
  3. Conductive RCS Accelerator [PowTrans]: How much is the actuall addition to the Power Transfer Rate?
Last but not least, thank you for supplying the extra links. Personally, I am appaled that the use of three +Beam Consoles produces less net loss than three specific consoles, but hey, if it is that way, then I am seriously considering to switching to +Beam Consoles and getting the Terran Disruptor. Since I am a Romulan Engineer, this should work splendidly for me. Wink
Hi TP!

Glad I could be of help!

As to your questions/comments:

  1. Fully impulse energy shunt: It's certainly not necessary. It was one of the last points I spent. I find it useful for reducing the time between fights and to enter fights with slightly higher power levels (mainly for that small full impulse jump at the start of ISA)...but you can certainly do without. In fact, I may get rid of it myself whenever I decide to respec.
  2. I chose went for EPTW III mainly for that extra 6.6% cat2 all damage. Again, not a big deal, but I had nothing better to put there. EPTW I would certainly be fine.
  3. The same as an MK XIV Epic flow regulator: 100%. Note, however, that the actual mod is [EPS]'s just that the skill planner has it erroneously labeled as [PowerTrans] (which is used to mean the same thing on some other items in-game like some the fleet gear IIRC).
The loss for your "main" energy type when going from +beams vs. +specifc energy type is really minor (less than 1% per console) since tac consoles offer cat1 bonuses; and these are already very saturated. The fact that the TTDA essentially does 50% more DPS vs. an optimal array at equal rarity more than makes up for it. In fact, I theorized some time ago that TTDA might be a small gain even WITHOUT +beam consoles in the case of a ship w/ 4 tac consoles. This should be even more true on a ship with 2 or 3 tac consoles. Here is the napkin math I played around with over on reddit some time ago if you're interested.
100% on the Conductive RCS Accelerator? Damn, I need to get me one of those. LOL
I decided to go for +Beam consoles now. As I fly Ships that usually don't have more than 3 Tac Consoles, that should be fine. Also, it may convince to go for other Energy types eventually.

Thanks for the update. Wink

EDIT: Just started a R&D project for the Conductive RCS Accelerator. It went to ultra rare and gave me the EPS modifier. Yay!
(04-16-2016, 10:30 AM)TacPaddy Wrote: It went to ultra rare and gave me the EPS modifier. Yay!

Lucky bast...errr....I mean, congrats TP!! Smile

But yes, if you want to make the most of the +beam road, you might also want to consider the ARAP (Advanced Radiant Antiproton Beam Array from the Iconian rep). Not nearly as strong as the TTDA, but still supposedly better than an optimal AP array. Personally I have not tested it yet (need to make sure it matches decently with my phasers in terms of aesthetics/sound...because space barbie matters!).
I love reading your write ups, you use noob-friendly explanations that I appreciate.  Helps my understanding grow when I'm not trying to decipher theorycraftspeak.

Quick questions - not having a RIF (picked up the game after that event) what might be a good option or two to slot there?  And with no KLW (take some serious EC saving for one of those) what might you do?

I have been toying with trying a tanky build and have been leveling an engy for that, BUT my main is a Tac so I could try dabbling sooner.  Thanks.
[Image: cFqcOOp.gif]
I'm glad you found it useful Smile

I will admit that RIF is quite a big deal in terms of survivability; not so much for ISA (where I've occasionally had runs with 90%+ attacks-in with no RIF activations)...but mainly for HSE (if one is interested in that).

Instead of could run the Sustained Radiant Field from the Iconian reputation for the heal buff or you could run the Timeline Stabliser. Or if you don't have the latter, and prefer just another dps console, you could run the usual BIC, Assimilated Module, Polymorphic Probe Array (if you run AP), Quantum Phase Converter (for phasers), Plasma Wave console (for plasma) etc. Up to you really.

On a side note, my build has changed slightly since my original post. Here it is in its current state.

Mainly, I've dropped the RCS [eps] in favor of the Timeline Stabliser. This decision was a result of the recent changes to suppremacy; it now offers +2 power per shot up to 10 stacks vs. +1 to 20 stacks. Since this is a buff that refreshes on a per-shot basis, weapon power greatly benefits from this as it further mitigates drain noticeably. So, with the Leech, Supremacy, 100 points in EPS and a Spire EPS console was simply no longer needed in my case. The timeline Stabiliser is very handy as it allows for almost back-to-back APA's and GDF's...not to mention that nice (but short) haste boost and Sci CDR.

Smaller changes include having dropped the redundant FAW (never use it now that I got the hang of attrition warfare timings) and replaced with a second TT (not really needed as a single copy would be on a 19CD....but having it on 15s is nice as it allows an off-cycle AHOD proc) which, in turn, allowed me to drop the TT cooldown doff and replace it with a Development Lab Scientist that offers a chance of debuffing enemies that shoot you during FBP. Also dropped Coalition Starship Tactics for Fluidic Cocoon (which I hadn't used in ages but now noticed it works quite well on a +threat build).

With the recent (major) lag fixes...I was able to do quite a few HSE runs and I've currently got her up tp 173K DPS there (and 167K ISA DPS). I suspect that a better pilot could get her past 200K in the right circumstances; but I am happy with how she performs. Edit: Just hit 219K in HSE. Surprised myself.
(06-23-2016, 07:18 AM)sf911 Wrote: I'm glad you found it useful Smile
With the recent (major) lag fixes...I was able to do quite a few HSE runs and I've currently got her up tp 173K DPS there (and 167K ISA DPS). I suspect that a better pilot could get her past 200K in the right circumstances; but I am happy with how she performs. Edit: Just hit 219K in HSE. Surprised myself.

HOLY MAMA MIA, 219K. Color me impressed. Congrats!
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