Jack of Most Trades

My stab at a jack of all [most] trades build. As I tend not to stick to a specific ship/style long.

Should have a decent enough mix of pew pew, buffs to grav well and a smattering of defensive stuff so you don;t explode when one of your boffs farts. And enough skills in the right places to unlock any skill manual recipes I'm likely to need.

Rate, hate, comment, go nuts...

*bump* and a rejig - http://skillplanner.stoacademy.com/abfe5...8f90fca9c8 saved as anew build for comparison

The aim is to have something that'll work relatively tweak-free on all my captains.

Whilst I don't fly carriers exclusively i so probably fly them often enough to justify the point spend. Could possibly put the torpedo point somewhere else in the tac tree, but I do often chuck a torpedo in on most ships, often to get a set bonus.

(04-17-2016, 06:44 PM)RedFlames Wrote: *bump* and a rejig - http://skillplanner.stoacademy.com/abfe5...8f90fca9c8 saved as anew build for comparison

Under that link I see an empty Peregrine Fighter build. I doubt that was the intention.
It was mainly input on the skills choices i was after but gimme a sec and i'm put an example of what i tend to fly

EDIT: ...or not. Planner won;t let me add items to the ship. But as a quick example -

On a Breen Rezreth -

Rom Rep Beam, Rom Rep Trp, Rom Plasma Beam x2, up front. 3x Rom Plasma Beam and a Plasma Omni at the back.

Iconian Rep 4pc space set

Elite Scorpion Pets

Various Rep/universal consoles in the ENG slots - [Romulan Rep, Omega Rep, R+D RCS, Kobali Samsar hull heal console iirc]
R+D Sci console, 2x Exotic/Control [PartGen/GravGen as was] fleet consoles [the ones from the lab] in the SCI slots
3x Vuln Locators in the TAC slots

EDIT 2: Fleshed out the Rezreth in the skill planner as much as it'll allow.

*el bumpio*

a 3rd stab at a more balanced build for my newly-created reman, dropped the hangar skills as i don't have access that much in the way of hangar spammers on the Romulan side of things and put the points into eng/power skills to negate the singularity core deficit a touch.



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