Skill Planner v5 - v6
@Attilio as an improvement to the the current search, is there a way to parse the skill tree?

Right now you give the build name and under Details, you list Faction, Career and Ship, from this page in would be nice to see a bit more detail on the builds

Lieutenant, Lt. Commander, Commander, Captain, Admiral
This could be shorthand breakout e.g. 46; Tac/Eng/Sci; 6/10/10/10/10
Where the breakout is 46 points, Tac has the most points allotted to it, followed by Engineering, and then Science, and then the point per level. Lieutenant/Lt. Commander/Commander/ Captain/Admiral

When doing a search this would allow people to quickly identify type of builds beyond the first level, and also see if the build is upto date.
What are good skill set ups for Tac,Eng and Sci Officers ?I haven't set all of mine up yet as they were good in the old system.

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