Decision help needed Fleet H.E.Carrier vs Fleet T.E.Retrofit
I thought the Escort Carrier only had 200 crew.
if you are focusing on endgame and pve content, i would recommend the defiant still. reason being, most end game content focuses more on DPS rather than any other stuff, so it's still recommended to go with the defiant which has 5 tac consoles.

But another option you can go for could be the MVAE. It also has 5 tac consoles, and since you say you don't use much of the cloak console, perhaps the use of the MVAM console would be better? Added DPS and looks cool Smile Plus you get a lt cmd science boff, and with a grav well, you can really kill groups of probes/spheres much faster.
I've used the regular version of both (not the fleet version) and both are great ships. The question is, do you want a carrier or not.

As I said, it is a great ship, just like the tact escort.

the only thing I dislike about playing HEC was the fact that I keep forgetting to launch my fighters i'd choose the FTER vs the FHEC
I am using a F.HEC now and I don't see too many problems as of late with it. The only time I have problems is getting caught in the middle of the starbase defense mission and the entire enemy fleet is firing at me at once.
Well i think that the HEC it's a great value regarding multirole fun, the hangar really adds a layer of complexity. I most drive carriers which have different roles than the HEC, I really think the HEC is really an escort and should be mostly played like that, think of it like an archer that can lure/stop/heal while carriers have to rely more heavily on pets to do dps.

I really find the higher turn rate the harder to control while flying, and stoping to fire feels like being a turret platform. I have used the fed Lv40 escort and while having uber dps is fun, having to stop to fire effectively its a huge turn off for me, specially when fighting a big hp mob where I'm gonna steal aggro.

For PvP I would go FHEC since the tractor beams from runabouts have the KDF swearing "WTF!"

PS: I really dislike the looks of the Defiant

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