Can't get my build to save with v6
So I've gone through the new version of the Planner (which is AWESOME, btw) and have attempted to save my build with everything in it except skills, under the title "USS North Carolina."  I can save it, and save it to a file, both of which seem to work.  But when I reload the build from my build list, everything is blank.  Ship, traits, equipment, nothing saved.  Now if I load it from the file that the planner creates when I save it to a file, everything works 100% perfectly. But saving it to my build list doesn't generate a link, and doesn't seem to actually save it. This is using Chrome version 49, btw. (I can't attach the file to this forum post, it says that extension type is not allowed.)
There is a workaround fix for it until I upload the actual fix tonight.

When saving, click the field that has the build's name then select the build from the drop down. Now you can save normally and it'll work

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Works perfectly, thanks!

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