Megathread for Season 11.5 Build Mechanics changes
Hi everyone, 

In case you didn't know, Season 11.5 is going to drop some major rebalancing and skill system changes on us next week when it goes live. The Reddit STO community has put together a megathread discussing the majority of these changes and how they will impact you. I highly recommend taking a glance at this to understand how your character will need to be built to get an equivalent level of competency under the new system.

Check it out here:

I highly recommend these two links of the group: - Mapping of old to new skills - Lays out the major changes of the skill system

Picard Facepalm Picard Facepalm  i've got a massive headache looking at all this to try to get my head around. Im just going to wait until after it goes live and the bugs are found, and for people to start properly recommend skills to invest in.
I don't know how many bugs will be found. So far the community and the devs have done a pretty good job beating this update into shape on Tribble, although to be fair knowing Cryptic's history I should assume the worst and be surprised if it does not occur. Big Grin

Here's a suggested build from the DPS league (pretty much a glass-cannon type build):

And here is an updated copy of one of my torp builds, with a generalized skill layout for pretty good coverage all around.


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