CrtD and CrtH Doffs
Working on a new build, drain/DPS hybrid, and right now I'm planning to use one of each of the Crit Doffs but I'm thinking about dropping them for a third Damage Control Engineer and a Fabrication Engineer.  I'd like to have the the max number of Damage Control Engineers to keep EPTW and EPTS on as much as possible and a  Fabrication Engineer so that RSP lasts longer but I'm not sure if it's worth the potential lose of DPS to take those Doffs off or if one of each even makes enough of a difference to matter.  Power levels aren't a problem but with Emergency Weapon Cycle and EPTS and RSP being my only shield heals these powers are important for other things.
I usually use them where needed in my builds because I do not have problems keeping EPTW/EPTS on 100% uptime. I don't know that they're super effective though, it's more of a nice-to-have. Depending on the build I would definitely drop those in favor of other stuff like Nerul/Zemok, A2SIF buffs, and deflector/gravimetric scientists.


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