Inviting people to the STOA Fleet
Admiral Attilio,

More than a few people have sent me in-game PMs asking for me to invite them to the Fleet. I did, and they joined. Is there a policy about this, or am I OK in doing that for anyone who asks, even if I don't know them?


-- Officer Kailath
You can invite anyone you want.

Attilio Wrote:You can invite anyone you want.

Thanks. Better safe than sorry! 8-)

Another question: I'm going to start up a tac and eng Fed alt (do it "right" this time) while we still await the founding of the KDF "STO Akademy Fleet" (though I'll be either playing my current KDF player or creating a new one in prep for it). Is it permissible for me to have my two chars added to the Fleet roster? I'm not going to play them much yet — they're primarily for trying to get a feel of how the different career paths/ships work. Besides, I have not yet made VA, and they're raising the cap to 61 soon.

Maybe this is stated somewhere in the guidelines and is against the rules. Still, I'd rather have them in our Fleet than another, especially if I end up liking one of them of a lot and he becomes someone I play frequently. (I don't think it'll take my 6 months to get to RALH this time Wink). I'd hate to miss out on the STOA social interaction.

Who knows? I might end up ditching this terrible char as my main guy. I just know the first several months/levels shouldn't have been as ponderously boring/demoralizing, and I think that now that I grasp things better, I won't be frustrated. (Plus having unlocked account-wide lower-tier ships will make, e.g., the Lieutenant level more fun. A TOS Constitution for my eng and an NX-01 for my tac, along with the uniforms. Cool! :mrgreenSmile

-- Officer Kailath
Of course. You can have as many characters in the fleet as you want.

A word of caution about inviting unknown people to the fleet, there is at least one fleet out there whose announced reason for existence is to provide fake user names to players so that they can raid fleet banks without any one knowing who they are. I don't know if they can really do that, but I suspect that someone could figure out a way.

Also, before I broke down and put my last two characters in STOA I just felt uncomfortable having six characters in a fleet the size of ours), I tried a couple of other fleets. One of them recently had a member resign because she heard that the fleet administrator was planning to run off with the fleet bank. That didn't happen, but two weeks later a new member joined the fleet and was instantly promoted to a mid level fleet officer (that fleet had only a few senior officers and eighty or ninety per cent of the fleet were entry level members). Two days after that, the fleet bank was emptied of all its crafting materials (which would have had to involve the cooperation of one of the senior fleet officers) and the new member disappeared from the fleet roster. It could have been a coincidence, but it looked awfully suspicious to me. It underscores the importance of having a waiting period before new members can start withdrawing from the fleet bank. I doubt if most of the would be bank robbers have the patience to wait two weeks to start withdrawing anything.

Live long and prosper,


p.s. Robbing a bank in a game is a lot like the burglar who did thousands of dollars of damage to a retaurant to steal ten dollars out of the tip jar, except that at least the burglar had a real ten dollars to show for his efforts and, hopefully, the restaurant owner had insurance.
Everyone in the fleet has a limited amount of items they can withdraw daily so no one will be able to join our fleet and take everything out at once. However we should still be cautious. We do have a two week waiting period though before a player gets promoted.

a couple of questions. There is no max limit on how many members a fleet can have then? Reason is I have 3 fed toons I'd like to have join. Also I understand that the Klingon fleet is not started yet? When sort of is that planned? lol I have two Klingon toons one is lvl 5 and I'm tired of being bugged to join other flleets, I was in the Orion Empire years ago when it was first started. When I stopped playing I left that fleet as there was a limit I think on how many members a fleet could have.

From what I've seen so far this seems to be a great fleet, the website is great with all the info and builds to get ideas from. lol a little bit of sucking up to the leader always helps........
There might be a max, I'm not sure. If there is, we aren't close to it yet. Feel free to invite your other Fed toons.

The Klingon fleet has been created. It is called STO Akademy. Unfortunately it isn't as well maintained as the Fed one, but it does exist. I can invite your two Klingon toons if you want.

lol I'm glad you like the site and the fleet

Awesome a Klingon counterpart fleet is up. I was wondering about that. I made a new Klingon character today, I'll be sure to find out and send me an invite, if you could Big Grin

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