Tetryon Drain/DPS Build
This started as a thread in another section talking about sets for a drain build but I figured I should post it here now that I have a build.

Drain/DPS Hybrid

There are things I could do to up the flow caps and DPS but they seem like more work than the return I would get on them is worth.
Is the Tholian Tarantula any good?  I'm looking for a ship that can use OSS with this build and the Tarantula seems like the best option.  I lose room for attack patterns but I gain OSS, a second hull heal and room for pets.
This is what I've come up with for the Tarantula, the 330 million EC price tag means I'll be in the Nandi for awhile but this is the build I'm working towards.
Looks like a fun build. I am confused to see the "Improved Feedback Pulse" and "The Best Defense" traits, because you aren't using FBP and APA isn't affected by "The Best Defense".

You could consider "Improved Pedal on the Metal" as a Trait. Assuming you are moving at full speed anyway, you would get extra Damage.
That's supposed to be Improved Pedal to the Metal but the descriptions on Improved Pedal to the Metal and Improved Feedback Pulse is reversed and I clicked on the wrong one.  I'll have to figure out what I want to replace The Best Defense with if it doesn't effect Alpha.
You'd get more DPS out of using the Iconian space set, the Quantum set is not that great in terms of stats besides the flow boost. If you've got +Flow on all your consoles then the incremental benefit is not going to be that great for the set bonus. Then you can dump the crappy temporal warp core in favor of the full 4pc Iconian and also ditch the nukara console for the temporal disentanglement to keep the 2pc bonus there.

Keep in mind this is not a straight DPS build.  This build is barely even started, I'm still in the Nandi so no OSS, I don't have the fleet weapons or tac consoles and the core isn't upgraded to UR yet and I almost hit 15k in a lag filled ISA that I died in.  For not being much more than a shell of what I want I'm pretty happy with how it's going.

Also, the Temporal Disentanglement Suite is a science console, I'd have to give up one of my embassy consoles to use it.
That may be but my point stands; drain only really works well against players beyond shield drain, and once targets lose shields it is ineffective at providing more damage. I love tet more than probably anyone in our fleet but I would still run Iconian on this build. The sci console may be worth keeping due to the extra damage.

Everyone with a DPS build is using the Iconian Resistance Starship Technologies, so am I on my other builds, and I want to do something different with this build.  As long as I'm doing enough DPS to not be a drain on the team in advanced STFs I'm happy, this is never going to be a top DPSer nor do I have any plans of trying to make it one.  I hit 50k in my Aux2Bat battlecruiser and that was my goal for DPS.  If I get back 50k with this great, if not who cares?  Spending all my time chasing DPS is part of why I stopped playing and working on a new build that is only half DPS focused is a big part of why I'm having fun with STO again.
Have you considered using 2pc of the Omega set for the Tetryon Glider drain? With high flow it is decent vs shields.


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