I recently stopped using Ad Blocker and switched to the EFF's Privacy Badger which blocks super cookies that are used to track you when you visit other sites.  I know this is more of a problem with Google Ads and not the site but blocking super cookies is blocking the ads on the site because they are trying to install cookies to track what you do on other sites to show you targeted ads.  I don't have a problem with ads, that's why I got rid of Ad Block, but I do have a problem with things that appear to be ads but are actually trying to install cookies to track what I do when I'm on other sites.
That's not a really a bug or a suggestion lol but to address your concern, I really don't have control over what the Ads do. They come from Google and I get paid so I can run this site. If they are getting blocked because of your addon to stop tracking cookies then that's your prerogative.

I know, there just didn't seem to be a good place to post this, maybe I should have put it in Quark's.  I don't want to block ads, I know it's how a lot of sites pay for themselves, that's why I got rid of Ad Blocker.  If these companies would just be happy serving ads there wouldn't be a problem but this is more than ads.  I don't know what to do, I don't want to block the ads that support this site but I also don't want to be tracked.  It feels like it's getting to the the point that the only way to not be tracked is block everything or don't use the internet.
Let me tell you something that a wise man once told me. Privacy is an illusion. Sure you can block tracking cookies. Your service provider can still track everything because your connection goes through them. If you use Google, or any search engine, they can track everything because you're searching through them. Don't get me wrong, I'm not trying to convince you to unblock ads. I completely understand your point of view and don't disagree with it. Do whatever makes you feel comfortable.

Apparently this is a Firefox problem.  I'm using the exact same settings on Chrome, block cookies not domains, and the ads are showing up now.  So for anyone that wants to block 3rd party cookies but not ads try Chrome if your blocker is blocking both.

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