Hey, I'm Log and I just joined the fleet because I need help.

I recently came back after a hiatus and have found myself unable to be in any way effective.  I left before the Delta Episodes and was a level 50 Engineer in a Assault Cruiser.  I came back and almost immediately got to 58 because this game seems to really just throw levels at you, but now I find I can't win any space battles any more (A Mogai Warbird is just wrecking me, for example.)  I've looked at guides and builds and have been trying to make adaptations, but somehow I seem to just be getting worse.  I'm not even sure if this is the right forum to post this in, but if someone could lend me some help, that would be greatly appreciated.
Could you post your build? It's hard to understand what's wrong if we cannot see your ship and abilities.
Anyway, take in consideration that now, in addition to your skill three, there are also the specialization threes that can make a huge difference (and not only, the traits are also important). Master them can increase your DPS and survivability.

I think that's how you post builds.  I'm not really sure what I'm doing wrong.  I feel like I'm following builds, but I keep falling way short of effectiveness.  

Its also possible I just don't actually know how to play this game well.

As for roles, I usually play alone, however I like playing tanks in other MMOs, which is why I chose Engineer in the first place.  But if that means doing anything on my own will take hours, I'm willing to adapt to something else.
I see your ship and your equipment. I am sorry to keep to ask you stuff but the skill tree is empty... without it it's hard to say if your build is effective.
Do you have the reputations complete? Can you access to the omega, undine, dyson (and all the other) stuff?
Most important, do you want a tanker build or a dps build?
In theory it is possible to mix the borg set (2pieces) with the Kobali set (2 pieces) and have a great survivability, although this is an unusual solution. Nowadays most of the people go with the iconian set.
I made a first attempt to correct few things, take in mind this: this build still need A LOT of work.
In addition you need space doff, with the spire you have the chance to get an additional slot for a total of 6 space slots. I would suggest to use 2 damage control eng (Chance to reduce the time for all Emergency Power to subsystem abilities to recharge after use.), 2 shield distribution officer (Chance to restore shields when taking damage while Brace for Impact active), and 2 energy weapon officers ( Chance to reduce the time to recharge when using beam special attacks - Beam Array: Fire at Will and Beam Overload). All purple if you can.
Again, take in mind that this is a basic build, it may not be the best possible around but it should offer you few advantages compared to what you have now. It would be nice to have the opinion of other player too to confirm (or disprove) what I have suggested you.
I'm not a native English speaker. I make mistakes when I write in this language.

That should be updated now.  I honestly didn't even know there were more tabs for that.  

My Reputations through Undine are mostly at 3.  Delta, Ico, and Terran are at 1, but I've been doing the Breach alot, stocking up on Marks, so I shouldn't have any shortages there.  

Whenever I play other MMOs with party members, I always like to be some kind of support class (Tank, Heal, Buff/Debuff,) and I wouldn't mind that transfering to this game.  However, I mostly play solo, and if me being support themed isn't viable for solo work, I'd be happy to switch to something else.  

As for Doffs, what I need for active slots has always been a mystery to me.  I really need to sit down and audit my Doff Roster, as I have no idea who I have and who I need.
Mostly I'd like to at least be able to run the missions, if at all possible.
Much better now with the skill tree. I would say that the build is "ok", maybe I would change few stuffs but it's not very much unbalanced.
Now take the following as a suggestion, you don't really need to change if you don't have a retrain token (take in mind also that soon we will have a skill tree revamp so everybody will have a free reskill).

You said that your character is an engineer (so you use slow ship and you don't need an extreme turn rate and speed), I would decrease the starship impulse truster to 3 (full green), driver coil I would make it until full yellow. I see that you have a single torpedo, is it worth to put so many points in "starship projectile weapons"? Maybe make it full green.

Anyway, you really need to buy some doffs (the one that I told you) and put them in your "active space" (check it here they provide great bonus to your space ability.

When you speak about "missions" do you refer to the story mission or the so called "stf"? (stf= special task force:
For story mission your build should be enough, in case of problems you can also put the difficulty to normal (in the options). For stf you may want to stick to the build that I gave you before.
I'm not a native English speaker. I make mistakes when I write in this language.

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