request for hearing
Chief of Staff
Chief of the Military

Responsibilities: Second in command.
Incumbent: James@Jstagg

Fleet Admiral
Responsibilities: Leader of the STO Academy Armada.
Incumbent: Attilio@attilio_stoa

I request a hearing with these gentlemen for actions in the fleet and accusations made by fleet officers and such fleet officers breaking the rules which are clearly outlined in the section 1 of the rules

  1. Any action that goes against the Star Trek Online Terms of Use also goes against the STO Academy rules.
  2. Every person is different. What may not offend you could offend someone else. Watch your language and the things you say.
  3. When interacting with other players outside of the fleet, be kind and helpful. We want people to look at the STO Academy as a friendly fleet. Your actions reflect the entire fleet.
  4. Avoid discussion about political beliefs, sexual orientation, racism, and other sensitive topics.
  5. If you realize someone has taken offense to what you have said, apologize and end the conversation right there.
  6. All opinions must be respected by every member; however any member who participates in excessive negativity such as daily game-bashing, complaining, trolling, etc. will be asked to stop.
    • As stated, opinions are always respected. We simply want the fleet to have a positive atmosphere.

  7. please consider this as I know things got off to a rough start but I can point out specific thing where these rules were broken by leadership and I feel these things as well as what I have done that people say are wrong all be addressed fairly or you do nothing but let what I said in a comment about the fleet being stuck in there ways and people in leadership get away with breaking there own rules.


1) This is a Fleet matter, so it should have been posted in the Fleet section of this Forum.
2) No one has broken the rules. You were not accused of anything. People merely stated their opinions and gave you some pointers.
Moved to Fleet Discussions.
All of us are very busy and live in different time zones. Trying to coordinate a time that works for all of us will take too long and is improbable. If there is a problem please send any of us a message either on the forum or in the game and we'll look into it.

1) sorry I didn't know where to post exactly.
2)yes some rules have been broken and I have copies of all of it. I was accused in a PM and not only was I accused this way but that certain leader has even blocked me from responding to him and told me he was going to get me kick out of the fleet (don't see how that is following rules) but he did this in PM so there would be no witnesses lol...I copied and pasted to a word document just so he cant say it wasn't done. And people merely stating their opinions and gave me some pointers is fine but before the idea of rank and commendation revamp then when I had idea nobody was nice or polite about it (talk it over and see the full idea) before a harsh NO like I got here and not to mention the leader in question PMing me saying harsh things.
3)If I must resign from this fleet I wish a hearing with those for mentioned and upon their decision if I must go then I go but they need to know what happened in full before making decision.

(03-06-2016, 09:09 PM)smallen22575 Wrote: ...
3)If I must resign from this fleet I wish a hearing with those for mentioned and upon their decision if I must go then I go but they need to know what happened in full before making decision.

First, as I mentioned above, we are all very busy. Send a message to any of us and we'll look into it. There is no way you will be able to sit and discuss with all of us at the same time.

Second, I'm sorry but a word doc is not acceptable. It's entirely too easy for you (or anyone) to change what was actually said after it has been pasted into the word doc. A screenshot is the better option.

If you want to send me a PM with all the information then by all means go ahead. You can even copy/paste the conversation although understand that I won't be taking it at face value.

thanks attilio I have made contact with jstagg through forum pm and to keep from doubling he can talk to you on it but I request an injunction to keep the leader from kicking me out until we all settle this the correct way

I'm the only one who has the ability to kick people from the fleet so don't worry.

so should I speak with you or jstagg

Still waiting on that forum pm, by the way

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