No, Mal, she's NOT a blow up doll...
Yeah, my wife is hot, funny as heck, great personality and she thinks it's cute that I play games like STO. EXCEPT when she laughs at me in the middle of a warp core breach and yells out, "Aye Aye, captain!"


My RL babe and babies (though they're not babies, per se).
[Image: cFqcOOp.gif]
She's very pretty my friend, and your daughters are adorable. God Bless your family Smile
What a nice family Smile

 I've always wondered what Texans looked like Wink
Bruh, THIS is how you land a wife that's cool with video gaming... just "let" her beat you at arm wrestling!

aaaict, this IS what Texans look like. We are some of THE coolest people on the planet. Cool
[Image: cFqcOOp.gif]

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