How do you know what you can make with all the R&D material

Hey not sure if t is intended or not but I noticed you do alot of double posts (asking the same thing over and over) If you could just make 1 post and wait for a response. If for what ever you dont get a response please just reply to your original post and not make a brand new one somewhere else
ok sorry didn't realize I was double posting but trying best to advance

beside your name you have a screen shot of you character how do I load my screen shot of my charater

Position your character and camera the way you like, then click in the chat window and type "/screenshot_jpg" (without quotes). Then go to your screenshot location to crop it the way you like then head over to your "user cp" then click on "change avatar" Upload your pick.

More screenshot options can be found at http://sto.gamepedia.com/Screen_shot
 Thanks for reading !!


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