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Ok I'm creating a separate thread here, because I'm addition to the meeting we had today on Vulcan I also got some screenshots of our favorite STO friends having a stand in on the memorial. 

I simply don't understand how respected people in the STO Community, such as Sarcasm Detector can defend these people from disrespecting someone's memorial, someone who without him this game wouldn't be around in the first place, and would not have inspired people across the world. Having a party with almost nude alien figures is unacceptable and an outrage. Morally, ethically and respectfully it does not belong in the game. However we shouldn't get too worked up, their actions have died down as of late, and they're not getting much of the attention that they crave. 

Thanks to everyone who came to Vulcan, and live long and prosper

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Just want to start this off by saying I am NOT defending these people. I wasnt there, I wasnt a party to there comms.

But we have seen in the Star Trek shows time and again different culture have different ways of celebrating death. When everyone on tng though Geordi and Ensign Roe had died in a transporter accident, Data asked alot of his crew members about their practices. He ended up throwing a party for the memorial. 

On our world common practice says its a time of reflection and sadness however the Ghanians sing, dance and party at their funerals.

Again I want to say: I am not defending those on vulcan as there are alot of trolls around. Just something to think about
I understand that, and the need to be tolerant for all cultures. However I think we can be pretty sure that Dental likely to be from a western society, and that I believe nbrekki himself come from Illinois in the USA, where it would be considered unfathomable to dance and party on top of a memorial or grave.

 I simply don't understand how people can defend these people (not you Kenthend), but others from those whole find this sickening behavior that is designed to offend hilariously funny, to those who are respected in the community such as Sarcasm Detector with his "interview" with them.

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