Fleet starbases
Took some time visiting the fleet's starbase and my question is did the fleet or STO design the base? Very nice, I like the layout. I do like the new equipment and what does everyone prefer as far as the advance personal shields. Also will we be able to cash in our Borg loot at the base or just at DS9? I will have to spend more time getting fleet marks, than beating up the Borg.
Cryptic designed the base, so pretty much every fleet's base looks the same.

I forget which shield I purchased, but they are all really good.

I don't know about the Borg loot. That is something Cryptic would have to decide and I haven't heard anything. My assumption is no.

I can't figure out how to get to the Fleet Base I hit the transwarp button for it and my ship vanished but did not in fact go anywhere I am running around the game invisable in sector space now.
That sounds like a bug lol I suggest quitting the game then going back in.

If you want to visit the base you can either transwarp to it or visit it in the Eta Eridani Sector Block. The system is called Federation Fleet Starbase


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