Using Iconic Alien Downloads
There's only one server for STO.

It has to be the alien species, that's all. It can't be a Vulcan, Human, etc. Also make sure the you extract the zip file to STO's screenshot folder. The images need to be on there

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Sent you a PM regarding your request for admittance to STO Fleet and why I could not process it at this time. (currently in another fleet)
I got the images extracted from zip folders but when in Tailor can load the images.

Also on my fleet request I have left old fleet please try again to add me

Got ya, welcome to the fleet. Please make sure to join our chat channel as well
still having problems with downloaded iconic aliens to put them as bridge officer

please if you can help give me step by step maybe I'm doing something wrong

Just to confirm, you put the images in STO's screenshot folder, correct? They cannot be anywhere else, they must be in that specific folder.

After that's done, go to any tailor. Click on one of your bridge officers who is the Alien species (not any other species). Click Modify, as if you were editing their uniform. Click the Load Outfit button. Now, assuming the images are in the screenshot folder (they cannot be in a sub-folder or any other location) the game will list all of them. Then you can click one and click the Load button.


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