STOA 6 year Anniversary Mirror PVP events- Feb 21 & Feb 22
lol my main has all the fed mirror ships because of the admiralty stuff. I only hope I didn't discharge them all. but even if I did I will buy one for this. also depending on price I may be able to help out a few of the ec challenged with ship if they want to participate. Will post more on this tomorrow
My Mirror Ha'nom shall participate and amaze you with countless imploding Quantum Singularities. Wink
OK did some checking, prices seem to start at 1.8 mil so I will be able to afford some for those that cant but still want to participate. If you can not afford one and I stress the the word 'Can't" please contact me ingame 1 hour prior to the 1st event and we will see what we can do. I wont give any away until then.

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