Upcoming major revamp of skills for season 11.5


Big news today on skill changes coming soon!

Undocumented changes which have been confirmed by devs outside of the post:
*Cannon and beam damage falloff over distance from 2km to 10km from target is being normalized to a max of 50%, where currently cannons have a max falloff of 60% vs only 40% for beams. This should have the effect of buffing cannons a bit, although without other changes beams will probably still be the meta-preferred choice for damage.
*A total of 10 ground points (one per five levels) and 46 space points (one per level starting at lv5) will be offered, and the existing Specialization system will still be unchanged and take over from skills after level 50 just like today. Ground and space skills are spent independently with this change. 
*Many confusing mechanics are being combined or reworked into simpler skills and new skills are being introduced such as a falloff damage reduction skill.

happy about this in general. although i don't know yet what it all means.
Only thing what bothers me a bit with this: I'm pretty sure that we will fight with bugs in this system for a few weeks maybe months. xD

Well, we will see...

Agreed,this looks interesting, but hopefully it will be rolled out with few issues.

But knowing Cryptic this is going to break a number of things. I don't envy the task of those high end DPSers who will need to sort out the mess.

Tribble notes have some details on the other changes. Ship stats scaling is being increased slightly and normalized, CREW MECHANIC IS BEING REMOVED (hooray I hate crew), Sensors-related skills are being changed to assume max Sensors value since it is being removed... Shield and Aux Power benefits are being rescaled as well which may or may not be good. 

I like where this is going so far. It doesn't look like Tribble is quite up yet though to test.

This is all excellent news!

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FYI: Tribble Test Server seems to have been wiped clean and the Character Transfer for Tribble seems to be disabled at the moment as well. So if you test it, you start at Zero.
Yeah, that's in the patch notes. They wanted people to level new characters so transfer and using old characters is disabled for a week. 

I tried to start a new one and level but I was having a lot of display driver issues so I took a break to diagnose that.

That would mean they will have to change Brace for Impact since that skill affects Crew in Season 11. lol

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