Ground PvE Que Walkthroughs
Hi Everyone,

I've written some new PVE Que Ground Mission Briefings for some of the more popular ground runs at the minute. So now instead of doing a briefing before mission in chat, feel free to direct team members to this thread. 

Just a couple of things to note, for fleet runs please ensure that you get every member to the team to X in chat at the end and take a screenshot and upload them to here for commendation qualificationshttp:
Also, the STO Academy Elite Ground Squad will base invites off a 200 DPS parse of NTTE, and so please feel free to upload your parse here
Finally hope these are useful, and any feedback is appreciated and all info is correct at time of writing. 

@aaaict     STOA EGS Administrator 

Nukara Prime: Transdimensional Tactics Elite(click to view) (Click to View)

Defending Rh'ihho Station Elite(click to view) (Click to View)

Undine Infiltration Elite(click to view) (Click to View)
Looking forward to some new reading material!
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(02-18-2016, 06:11 PM)dudeorama Wrote: Looking forward to some new reading material!

I'll be writing some more in the future.
Could someone do me a favor and sticky these please so that they are easily accessable?
Ground walkthroughs are now on the website !
As a complete novice I really appreciate these, thank you.
(02-23-2016, 05:25 AM)Margrave Wrote: As a complete novice I really appreciate these, thank you.

Not at all, that's what they're there for!
Just a couple of details for Nukara:
- Nukara reputation offer some interesting EV suit that can be upgraded. One of them has also an +40% crtD (I don't remember which one but it's easy to find).
- solar gateway is also an ability not suggested in NTTE (read it here why)

For UIE:
- the optional objectives are either A or B.  Only one of them will appear.
- it is possible to use the secondary fire mode of the CRM 200 weapon to turn off the fires. With a bit of skill a single shot with the secondary mode can turn off an entire zone in fire.
- in stage 5 there is a similar mechanism as NTTE, if you die you are cut out (I know it's an easy mission but it has to be said), wait for somebody to ress you and don't respawn.
I'm not a native English speaker. I make mistakes when I write in this language.

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