Krenim Science Vessel - Exotic/Torp Damage

just like I said in the forums: Thank you so much, this can finally be a science ship I really like! Will copy your build and try it on a sci char.

One thing I forgot to include was the Terran reputation trait that adds torp damage, and increases speed on destructible torps. If you swap to Plasma as I suggested in the description notes, then you may want to do that instead of say the Delta rep trait I have.

GW doesn't really do as much damage as other exotic abilities, such as Tractor Beam Repulsors or DRB. It is better served to corral your foes in a specific area so that you can hit them with more targeted AOEs like DRB, Torp Spread, Cannon Scatter Volley, etc. DRB also benefits from the damage reduction that Structural Integrity Collapse provides, so the ideal synergy here is Grav Well > SIC on the hardest target > DRB on same target > Torp Spread. 

There is certainly merit to running TBR as well in that combo above, if you have the doff (Graga Mal for Feddies) who changes the TBR push to a pull instead. You could fire TBR after the torp spread if anything is still living. I'm actually running something like that now on this build and testing it out but I think it works better on tankier ships due to the proximity of warp core breaches Smile

I've come across a budget exotic/torp build for this ship on youtube/reddit. Apparently it's capable of pulling 40k in ISA, although probably not with my (lack of) piloting skills Wink However, might be a good starting point for those wanting to give this ship a try without investing too much EC, Dil, Lobi or FC - or green nubs like me Wink

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