It happened on the way to a GGA
Let me share a little story:

Trench [email protected]#9768: bruh... worst pug EVER
Trench [email protected]#9768: GGA, tarantula drags groups across the map to make one GIANT mob to fight
Trench [email protected]#9768: four dudes go right and no one goes left with me to help clean up rad gateways
[email protected]: Yuck
Trench [email protected]#9768: me and a scimi take the dreadnought and the others mess around withe mob, we kill the dread and then clean up the mob LOL
Trench [email protected]#9768: flying my command warbird, was able to drop the defense, tachy AND fleet support platforms three times EACH in final battle
Trench [email protected]#9768: popped an inspiration twice
Trench [email protected]#9768: broke my keyboard and have finger cramps
Trench [email protected]#9768: boys and girls, let me encourage you - fly fleet when at all possible LOL

Go fleet, you won't regret it. Live Long and Prosper
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Fleet and DPS Channels are the way to go
(02-10-2016, 10:30 PM)aaaict Wrote: Fleet and DPS Channels are the way to go

Yeah, trying to speed grind marks for some of my mothballed toons can be a little lacking in the fun department for sure. Angry
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